OHSU Neuro?

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Oct 4, 2006
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Has anyone heard anything about this program? They seem to have a good website (but so does everyone), but I can't seem to find anyone who knows anything firsthand. Thanks guys!!


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Sep 1, 2006
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What I have heard through the grapevine (from one recent grad and one person who interviewed last year anyway) is that it is something of a sleeper program - _perhaps_ the strongest small program (3 per year) out there.

They seem to have nearly double the number of faculty in most subspecialties than bigger programs (don't know how that is - perhaps Portland is a big draw for faculty). Like a couple other places out there, the VA is physically connected to the university (evidently through some impressive 1/4 mile glass skybridge) which may help account for size of the faculty.

It has an integrated PGY1 program if you want it in which you do 2 months of neuro (without call?) in a strong but non-malignant IM program (or so some of my IM friends tell me).

They don't have a night float or front loaded system. It looks like they distribute call equally in all years, which I was told comes out to q8 or so for the entire residency. Not bad if it is true. You take call without a senior and staff patients with attendings directly. Seems like good exposure to faculty, though I wonder if I am up for that at the start.

Some pretty well-known people in MS (chair, former program director) and MD and AD.

Brand new main hospital opened within the year and new clinic building being built. Supposedly some sort of aerial tram is to connect hospital up in the hills down to the clinic by the river that runs through town. Wonder what that is going to look like - or how that is going to work logistically. A neuro ICU was being planned as part of the expansion, but haven't been able to find out if it has come about.

Both people I talked to really liked the program, so I took it all with a little grain of salt.

I would be interested if anyone can add to this.


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Jan 18, 2001
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I'm a neurosurgery resident there. It's a good program. Facilities are excellent. There is new neurosciences ICU with dedicated neurointensivist staff.

Your call schedule and faculty interaction is correct. The integrated PGY1 year includes 2 months of neurology without call responsibilities.

The new clinic building at the riverfront is just about completed and there is indeed a large aerial tram that is just about completed that will run every 5 minutes connecting the clinic building and the hospital located up on the hill including the brand new wing (in which the neuro ward is located).

The views from the hospital on the hill include the Willamette River Valley, and 10,000+ foot mountains. Portland is a great city...a safe, affordable mid-sized city an hour from the ocean or the mountains.