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Feb 4, 2005
Can anyone give any advice on choosing between these 2 programs - OHSU and Mayo Jacksonville. I keep going back and forth on my list! If anyone visited either of these programs could you give your opinions on what you felt the pro's and con's of the programs were.


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Jul 29, 2003
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I rotated through OHSU's program. My impressions:

1. Outstanding clinical volume - residents do a lot of complex cases - critical care, OB, Peds, all are well-covered.
2. Portland is a huge plus - beautiful city - an hour from the beach - cost of living still fairly reasonable
3. Residents seemed to get along very well with each other
4. program director is outstanding - he has completely turned this program around in the last two years and I have no doubt that this trend will continue
5. regional training - you will get a ton of exposure to regional at OHSU - I spent time with a resident doing vascular anesthesia - even on this rotation he was putting in two blocks/day
6. program is well-known and well-regarded, especially in the Northwest - if you are thinking about returning to work in this area, OHSU could be your ticket
7. Dr. Kirsch came from Hopkins - he is very well-known in the anesthesiology community - I imagine this carries some weight when looking for career placement
8. Faculty are great teachers
9. Residents rotate through on site VA hospital, PEDS hospital, university hospital, eye clinic, ambulatory clinic

1. Cardiac numbers, though adequate, are not as high as one would like
2. unless you live fairly close to the hospital, getting home from work can be a problem in the traffic. usually not a problem in the morning. residents who live on the same side of the river as the hospital don't have near as much of a problem w/ traffic
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