Ok am I screwed?

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Jan 16, 2002
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I haven't heard from 15 schools. I applied pretty late, all close to deadlines, should I pretty much say I am down and out. I have one interview and thats it. What really sucks is that I am not sure if not getting in this application cycle is a function of me applying late or my overall credentials? I want to know if there are any other people in my shoes and any other input you may all have?

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Applying close to the deadlines may put you at a slight disadvantage, but due to the big time screw ups with AMCAS earlier on, lots of schools will be interviewing later this cycle. Going by what I've read on other posts here, some schools offer be offering interviews late Spring. Also, in past cycles, a few folks got acceptances mere weeks and even days before fall classes began. Don't give up yet!
And, it never hurts to let the schools know you are still interested. Write the deans letters to show them you are interested
I think that this is such a screwy year, that it's WAY too early to know what's up, really!! You only need that one acceptance, and it could come from the one interview you've already had, or a school you've yet to hear from. I seond nochaser's advice, don't give up!!