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Oct 23, 2005
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TomV said:
Here are is a list of the top 20 (in my mind)

1) CCF—Cleveland, OH

2) Stanford University—Stanford, CA

3) Brigham and Women’s Hospital—Boston, MA

4) Mass Gen H—Boston, MA

5) U of Colorado—Denver, CO

6) Duke—Durham, NC

7) Mayo—Rochester, MN

8) Johns Hopkins—Baltimore, MD

9) Emory—Atlanta, GA

10) U of Washington—Seattle, WA

11) U of Wisconsin—Madison, WI

12) University of Michigan—Ann Arbor, MI

13) U of Virginia—Charlottesville, VA

14) UTSW—Dallas, TX

15) U of Alabama—Birmingham, AL

16) Vanderbilt—Nashville, TN

17) U of Chicago—Chicago, IL

Any thoughts on these programs would be strongly appreciated?
which programs did I leave off?
Which are the up and coming programs?
Which programs are the best in the subareas for cardiology?
For example, EP is very strong at U of Virginia...

What is the source of this information


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Nov 4, 2005
UCSF, COLUMBIA, CORNELL, PENN, BID (if interested in EP since one of the major figures in ep is there) these are ones definitely that should definitely be on the list above and arent (and would likely rank in the top 10, and high in the top 10 at that)
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Jul 17, 2006
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Difficult to say as every program has its strengths & weaknesses.

Overall, for people interested in academic research cardiology, the general feeling/desirability of each program on the fellowship interview trail is as follows (and it's very difficult to distinguish programs within each tier):

Brigham, Johns Hopkins, MGH, Duke, UCSF

Cleveland Clinic, Penn, Stanford, UCLA, BIDMC, Columbia

Mayo, Cornell, Emory, Michigan, Chicago, Univ Washington, Sinai, Chicago


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Jan 7, 2006
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Just pick the one that YOU will feel happy to be at....forget about the ranking!
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