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Discussion in 'Dental' started by applicant, Feb 21, 2002.

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    I just want to know chances of getting into dental schools for old applicants such as late 20's.
    Are they considerably slimmer than the traditional applicants(early 20's)?
    And are old applicants successful in gaining admission to good dental schools such as Columbia and Penn?

    Let's just say, for example, that someone graduated with engineering degree that had little with premed/predental science courses and worked for company for a few years. Then, he decides to become a dentist and heads to post-bach program for two years to take required science courses.
    Is this person going to have a good chance in getting into dental schools such as Columbia and Penn? How does his chance compare to the traditional chance(someone else takes science classes in college and applies between his junior and senior year)?

    Any personal experiences or any inputs would be appreciated.
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    age is not a factor. I know people who were 20 when they entered dental school and I know people in their late 30s.
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