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Oct 3, 2001
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My first Bachelor's degree wass twenty years ago. My GPA from that time was a 2.0. ( My major was boys and partying of whicj I excelled!) I have since obtained 150 other credits with a GPA of 3.87. Do you think that my first degree and grades will still adversely effect me getting accepted? Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

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Hi there. I think they will still look at it, but if you find the "right" school, they will overlook it because it was so long ago. I graduated in 1995 with a 3.18 and 2.97 science GPA (with 3 Ds in bio) and had the Dean of Admissions say to me "well, we can tell that that's not who you are now." My MCAT scores were high and yours should be too. That will show them that you are really serious about the change. I learned that a high MCAT can really divert their attention from crappy grades. Obviously, also, you've gained a maturity and have had a lot of life experiences. You WILL get in. Feel free to email/private message me with other questions.

PS - yep, same major in undergrad :D
I'm sure the change in grades will be what admissions committees focus on. One unfortunate thing is that you will have to include all your course grades on the AMCAS application and they will all be averaged together. In the end, your AMCAS GPA might be lower than your current GPA.