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Older applicants (~30), I need advice...

Discussion in 'Pre-Medical - MD' started by C.A.R25, Nov 8, 2002.

  1. C.A.R25

    C.A.R25 Junior Member
    7+ Year Member

    Aug 15, 2002
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    How much is an older applicant disadvantaged if he/she decides to work for couples of yrs (like about 5yrs) and during that same time probably retake any courses back in college etc to improve their strengths?

    Here is a little bit of information about my self...

    I am a permanent resident of Maryland, I moved from Jamaica about 2yrs ago (I guess people could consider me an URM since I am black)

    Presently I attend the University of Maryland, Baltimore county (UMBC) and my freshman yrs have truly sucked with pure Cs. since I have been sophomore things have been much better (last semester my GPA was 3.0 -- because a bio 302/ genetics =(, retaking it now... and if I work a little harder, I should be getting a 3.5 by the end of this semester (an A in orgo, I thought you guys said it was hard :) )

    Err if you wana know my total GPA stuff now (I know some of you are probably laughing, I feel ashamed...

    Freshman yrs...
    1st sem-- 1.98 (one D in intro Bio Lab (retoke got A)
    2nd sem-- 2.0 (2 W's retok class and got a B)
    3rd sem-- 2.0 (one D in calc)

    Sophmore yrs...
    4th sem (3.0... got C in bio302 (less than 1% below a B :(
    5th sem (estimated to be 3.5 end of this semester)

    I got about 4yrs of school left, considering the paramedic track is so damn long... 1200hrs of clical rotations in STC, emergency medicical centers at John Hopkins and Mercy Medical center.... drawing blood, taking vitals, filling histories etc. (and I get to dissect cadavers at the med school here when I start :D, should be a GREAT learning experience.)

    That being said, my major is undecided at this point... but I will choose EHS as my decided major because I find my self TRULY drawn to helping others and working as a team in Shock Trauma here at Baltimore city... I am actually excited about the EHS courses I will be starting next semester (In one of them I will be EMT-B certified so then I can get paid as a Trauma tech in STC :) )

    My ECs now are Volunteering at STC and recently I got into the schools Sports Med program (so after next semester I will be paid for filling out histories, bandaging, evaluating certain injuries and performing specific therapeutic task. I will be applying to the Baltimore aquarium down here for a volunteering position (SCUBA diving stuff.... like feeding fish etc... including SHARKS... lol, this should be my really fun activity)

    After completing another yr or so, I may be about to get into the "Paramedic Track" here at school... here it's basically a bunch of coerces to train one into a paramedic... but EHS majors taking this path will be in college longer than an engineering major (!)

    Even if I was ?somewhat? competitive (I estimate than by time I graduate ?not for now--, my GPA would be about ~3.3, or higher if retaken certain courses).... I am not planning on applying to med school till I have things "just right,? and better adjusted? And I am not worrying about MCATs because I know I can do anything well... as long as I actually make an effort.

    Do you guys think this is wise.... ?
    The MAIN reason for not wanting to applying to med school straight out of college is mainly to save up money to possibly pay of any school loans etc. and to save up some money for possibly carrying my self through school. (And while doing so, my level of experience... both life and clinical will be rich.)

    I know that non-traditional students are not common on this side... so if any of you other guys want to give advice... feel free :)

    Sorry for rambling on... just need some good, honest advice. THANKS
    but EHS majors taking this path will be in college longer than an engineering major (!)
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  3. gower

    gower 1K Member
    10+ Year Member

    Oct 14, 2000
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    I think you made a lot of mistakes in your planning and you had better straighten it out before you dig a deeper hole for yourself. At UMd/Baltimore County there are two advisors; speak with at least one of them, NOW.

    Janet Hurn, Academic Advisement /109 Chem & Physics.
    410/455-2729; FAX 410/555-2729; [email protected]

    Lydia Jackson-Fryer, Acad. Adv/109 Chem & Physics.
    410/455-3698; FAX 410/455-1141
  4. i cant read long posts cos i have a short attention span :rolleyes: but bad grades in come classes does not ultimately eliminate u from the medical school application as long as there is an upward improvement.
    ur decision not to apply to medical school yet is totally just that, ur decision. there is nothing bad or wrong in taking a few years off, but u might have to explain what u did after graduation in some secondaries or interviews.
    and whats that crack about engineering majors, hey i am only here for 4 years believe me, not one second later :rolleyes:

    nyways i forget if u are new, but here goes Welcome to SDN :clap:
    and u could also post this in oldpremeds.net.

    good luck!
  5. SM-UCLA tech

    SM-UCLA tech CCOM MS4 soon OB/Gyn PGY1
    7+ Year Member

    Sep 22, 2002
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    sounds like you need to keep improving on your grades. but you are definitely on the right track as far as that goes. Do well on the MCAT of course. And your URM status will definitely not hurt you.

    by the way....are you a U.S. citizen? because if you aren't that might keep you from getting in to certain schools.

    I would also not worry too much about your EC's. Since you are older, I'm sure you have a pretty dynamic background. Which is a good thing. As far as the paramedic stuff, etc.... Don't push yourself so hard that your grades suffer. Traditionally, that shows that you know what you are getting into, and might have some dedication to the study of medicine.....but in your case.....being an older student already shows that you are probably pretty committed to med school...... So don't let your grades suffer ( did I say that already? hehe)

    Keep that upward trend, and score well on the MCAT and you will definitely have a shot somewhere.

    Good Luck to you

    by the way....i'm 32
  6. efex101

    efex101 attending
    Moderator Emeritus 10+ Year Member

    Apr 19, 2002
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    Attending Physician
    As a non-trad you really have to demonstrate how serious you are (regarding getting into medical school) and this is proved via excellent grades. You must make getting A's a priority from now on. It seems that you may be doing too much (work) and this is keeping you from being able to ace the classes. My advice is to get your priorities straight, if you really want to pursue the EMT focus on that. Once that is done and you are working or whatever, then go to school realizing that due to your previous performance in classes you *must* do extremely well for adcoms to take you seriously. Specially for non-trads going back to school there are no excuses of why we received poor grades. The I was younger, had to much on my plate, will not work for us. We are older hence we should know how to prioritize and we should know how much we can handle at any given time. Good luck and check out the www.oldpremeds.net

    Good luck

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