OMG!!! please help me

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May 14, 2002
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Do medical schools want your SAT scores? Do you have to put them in your AMCAS? my sat scores very LOW (980).

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I wanna slap u...some schools like baylor ask for it....but it doesn't mean anything...seriously, stop panicking.....

if anything, it will show how much u dramatically improved on ur sat to mcat :D
if SATs were that important, there would be no MCATs. :)

I personally don't think the SAT's are that important. Let's say that you got a 100% on verbal in SATs but got a 4-7 on MCATs, it *may* raise a red flag. Again, I believe this is what your high school GPA is for too. I don't know much about why they don't need this info, but I can tell you that I don't think they look at it too much. Other opinions?
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So i do have to put my SAT scores on the AMCAS? If yes, i dont really exactly know my score, 980, 960 something like that.
it's listed in your OT from the college you matriculated at, after grad. high school.

Check it out on there.
Sorry to bother u again tweetie, so i do have to put the score in my AMCAS?
I have filled out most of the AMCAS (except PS and Post Sec Exp) and I have not yet seen a place to put down my MCAT score. The only thing relating to high school that I had to put on AMCAS was the NAME (along with other colleges/unis attended).

I don't see a place on AMCAS where we need to put down anything related to our GRADES or SAT info. :) Did you check your OT to see if your HS info is included on there?? Most college OT's are a bit longer than the unofficial OTs (atleast the ones at my school). The HS name, GPA and SAT info should be on both, OT and un-OT.

PS: you're not bothering me. :)
I see. My low SAT score does not bother me since i am a changed man now: pulling a 3.7/3.9 (overall/science) GPA at Pitt :clap:
Just got to work on that damn MCAT this august :(

Thx a mill sweetie...ahh, I mean tweetie :wink:
don't worry about mcat/sat

mcats are automatically entered in your amcas app by them (you don't enter it).

sats aren't asked for until you get to secondaries. only a few schools asked for my sat scores.
Thx guys! I love this board!! <img border="0" alt="[Lovey]" title="" src="graemlins/lovey.gif" />