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Sep 2, 2015
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I just want a non biased opinion about my chances for admission to a dental school. I got a 21 AA 22 PAT but my GPA is low (~3.29). I have a lot of extracurricular activities including volunteering, shadowing and research. I don't know whether I should do a one year masters first to remedy my lower GPA or maybe take a gap year and work in a lab? Just want some advice
Edit: I really just want to know if i can get into a school in general , I dont really care which one

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Probably better to get that gpa up a bit and you'll be good (out of those two options)
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Youre basically in the middle. Lower than the average GPA for dental school (your DAT should help) and really high stats for masters. If you have the $$$ you could apply to dental school early on (best chances) and then be prepared to apply to masters as a plan B if you dont hear anything
there are a handful of private schools out there with acceptance average gpa's between 3.2-3.3 AT still, UsoCal, Midwestern AZ come to mind as well as boston.