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Oct 12, 2011
I found out that Onenote has a synchronized audio recording function, so that you can listen to the audio during the time you typed a word,

however I am wondering if that function works to when using the stylus ( for writing)?

I read somewhere online it only works for desktop mode but not tablet mode
"First, ensure you’re working with the desktop version of OneNote: OneNote 2013 (or OneNote 2016, later this year). On a tablet like the Surface Pro 3, clicking the stylus launches the Metro/Modern version of OneNote, which lacks the Record Audio feature. "

perhaps you can use the stylus to write during the desktop version of OneNote which would mean you could have the audio recording synchronization feature work during actually writing with the stylus (as opposed to typing ) notes.

I know Notability can do both though.

Can anyone who uses Onenote on a Surface Pro 3 let me know if the audio recording synchronization is available for writing also?