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So I thought I would share my thoughts and opinions of physics 1 with UNE after finishing it up. The first thing I want to point out is that I was REALLY pleased that I was able to sign up to the course within couple weeks of hearing about it as it is offered every 3 weeks, when traditionally sign ups for classes like this take place once a semester.
So the course is broken down into 16 weeks broken into 4 units filled with assignments like HW sets, lecture quizzes, lab assignments, discussion posts, representing 55% of the grade and a proctored midterm + final representing the other 45%. Aside from the two proctored exams, the majority of assignments are fairly straight forward to complete. If you have a hard time finding any of the answers you can probably look up the answers online as they will pop-up on google through quizzlet or course hero.
The textbook used for the course is College Physics with Open Stax College. Its available online for free here: The course only covers the first 12 chapters of the book. The remaining chapters are covered in the physics 2 course. The textbook is a decent resource for the course but I often supplemented it with great animations you can find on youtube with more interesting teachers to better explain the topics. I felt like the lab section for the course was pretty easy, just time consuming. The questions in the assignments, quizzes and exams seemed a bit sneaky in how specific they are when there's so much material and the instructor doesn't mention what information is important or how to prep for exams, but that's totally offset by the answers being available online.
The material in the course is interesting stuff, but could be taught a bit better. and I had to watch a some youtube videos and do some googling to make sure that I understood it better. The instructor is pretty monotonous, speaks a bit slow and you can't see her when she's talking in her lecture videos and all of that makes them sort of unhelpful and tough to get through. The good thing is the instructor has QUICK email responses which was nice if I ever did have a question on the material. The general rule of studying for science courses is to spend 3 hours studying for every one hour that you are in class. Therefore, the suggested study time for each module is 9 hours above and beyond the time it takes to listen to the lecture.
I have never been a good test taker so I was most nervous about taking the midterm and final exam as it was proctored but I was able to find some past semester exams online on Stuvia and it helped A LOT since a majority of the questions repeated. To give a summary, the class is moderately challenging, slightly expensive but very doable and can be completed faster than most classes. I will very likely be taking Physics 2 next semester and will provide a review on that course as well. If you have any questions, feel free to direct message me!
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Aug 25, 2020
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I was wondering if you took physics 1 at UNE and could offer any tips on the midterm? I am pretty nervous and having a rough time with the COVID online classes. I can't find anything on Stuvia, do you still have this document by annnnnyyyyy chance?
Thanks in advance!
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