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Jan 28, 2006
Attending Physician
So I had always planned on buying a used C-arm (OEC) but after realizing how well they hold their value, I might as well go new to atleast get a warranty for someting that costs me over $100K. I have already purchased the new S&N generator to encompass most of my interventional techniques so now all I need is the C arm and the pain table. I learned that I can and will apply for a hardship in order to avoid having to pay a Rad Tech $18/hr to respond to "picture" when I prefer the foot pedals anyway.

The C-arm: I've grown up around OEC's and have yet to hear a Rad Tech complain about them. Which would you go with 9800 or 9900. Obvioudly the cheaper the better but I don but I don't hink those words exist pain medicine, So this is my reasoning for getting a new one with a warranty and a superb pic.

Now - for something I need to read up on, is there one brand of pain table that separates itself from the rest of them and genuinly is thought of in a higher regard 0 for whatever that reagrd tat may be.

Thanks for any help guys!


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Nov 22, 2008
The 9800 and 9900 have the same generator, the workstations are vastly different. I think the 9900 has a bit better image. GE won't be making the 9800 for a while (probably for at least a year) so the only new product will be the 9900 for now. When GE releases the 9800 again, it will be marketed as the "value" system, but will still be a fully functional product.