Opinions on my ECs?

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Jul 30, 2013
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I was hoping to get some opinions on my ECs. Hoping to apply in June. Current GPA is 3.75, with a strong upward trend (past 2 1/2 years are between 3.90 and 4.00 per semester). Looking to apply to Canadian and American schools. MCAT in 2 months.

Research: Since summer 2013. 6 conference presentations (including an international conference, and this includes poster and a talk). I have a paper that I am submitting for a journal, so hopefully that is ready by then as well.

Clinical: hospital volunteering - 100+ by the time I apply. I also am involved in a committee at another hospital for patient concerns, and that will be about 30 hours (meetings are not that frequent).
Volunteered at a suicide hotline - 80 hrs

Non-Clinical: Office assistant (4 years), Kitchen support staff at a homeless shelter (5 years, monthly), fundraiser for a food bank (3 events, not many hours), and a board member for a non profit (3 years).

Shadowing: 1 doctor for like three hours. I am Canadian, and it is difficult to get these opportunities. I have been turned down lots of times.

Misc: TA for one semester, scholarships, and an award for one of my presentations at a conference. I will add that for my entire undergraduate career I have been employed at a non medical related job, I have worked ~ 20-30 hours a week, and on the higher end of that range for the past 2 years.

I appreciate all responses!

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When you research time/accomplishments/etc greatly outweigh your clinical or hospital time and accomplishments, it doesn't necessarily send a red flag but it's a point of concern
Thanks for the input. I do see that it seems a little research heavy. I will add that all of this research has taken place at a hospital (not a university) and it is clinical, not bench research. The interactions that I have had with patients for research have been pretty minimal.
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Since your research had minimal patient contact, I'd suggest doing something like Hospice/Scribing if you can to help increase those hours!