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Mar 1, 2007
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I'm have a non-traditional background and would like some advice on where to channel my efforts in applying for med school. BTW, I'm Canadian, so prefer to study in Canadian schools, and don't know much about applying to American schools.
Academic: I am finishing up a MSc (GPA of 92/100) in a good school outside Canada (Israel), involving research, possible publication and participation in several conferences (lectures/posters). My BSc was done at 3 insitutions, mostly at U of Toronto (3.54cGPA), but did considerably better in my 2nd year at a good Israeli school (Hebrew U), averaging mid 90s in mostly pre-med studies. I also did well in Orgo at Western U in Canada.
MCAT: I took it twice -- 1st attempt: 6V,9PS,9BS,WS:p. 2nd attempt improved in all sections, especially WS with kickass essays: 8V,10PS,11BS, WS: T. I'm wondering about the 8 on verbal.
LORs: I can get 2 solid academic ones for sure, and am expecting to add 1 or 2 non-academic to these.
EC: I have quite a few, including volunteering on ambulances, lifeguarding, swim instructor, tutoring high school/college level sciences and maths, starting and running a college student newspaper, but haven't done much in past 2 years. I've heard clinical experience is very helpful, and so i'm considering this seriously before applying.
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