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Mar 7, 2010
I am 8-10 weeks out from the exam. I'm wondering when people start to memorize lists of things that they made, mainly pharm and micro stuff, perhaps some biochem as well. I dont htink it would be high yield for me to try and memorize it at this point. Is 4 weeks a good starting point? Or should it be much closer, like 10-14 days?


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Nov 16, 2009
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I got like 400 flashcards split into 50s by color and packed high yield stuff on each. Ie I put all cancer biomarkers on one, like 8 items on each about 6 weeks out? No point in cramming, make it a part of your memory. I am in 4th year and still remember my biochem pathways somewhat. All in all a good set of flashcards can take you through FA each time you go through them. I never made them in college or med school, but they helped a lot this time. Didn't make them for step 2. I ended up getting through them 4 times, on top of the 3 times I went through FA.


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Jun 28, 2011
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You should be familiar with most stuff since you studied it one time for your classes. For Step 1, it should be about memorizing the high yield details. 8 weeks is more than enough time, but don't overestimate your time. 8 weeks can fly by pretty quickly.