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Jun 5, 2018
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Hey, I've been looking at different Peds residencies and come across a few where ADAT is "not required, but accepted". Can anyone weigh in on how this will affect your application? What is a "good" score that will enforce your application? Can you choose to not disclose if you do write the ADAT?

Totally get no one has a crystal ball but any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

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My gut reaction is that there won’t be many applicants who have taken the ADAT this year, due to the number of testing center shut downs. So by that argument, taking it might not be worth the time/risk. But again that is my personal guess.

On a more concrete note:
— I know of at least two programs who in previous years required the ADAT. Their applicant pool dropped significantly, and they dropped the requirement MID-CYCLE to to try to increase the number of applicants.
—One program director flat out told me, don’t bother taking it. It’s not worth the time you would spend studying.

A good score...I’m not sure. I did a bit of digging on this and found some percentile tables from a couple of years ago. But the test is SO new it’s hard to find good info.

Choosing not to disclose:
When you sign up to take the ADAT, if you tell them you want to send it to PASS, PASS will automatically report it to your schools. Perhaps you could wait and have it sent after you see the results? I’m not sure.