Nov 5, 2014
Optometry Student
In the "Program Materials" Section of OptomCas, certain institutions such as MCPHS or Michigan have additional questions alongside the primary essay. Some of these questions have the same 4500 character allotment as the primary essay question. Can anyone shed light on what is expected for these other questions? Are we expected to give an expanded answer with as much development?

Also for some of these programs, there is a "prerequisite" portion of the Program Materials section. Do we have to fulfill/match every single one of those course tabs to our transcript?

Jul 21, 2015
The character limit is there so you don't go completely over the line, but you should answer the supplemental questions to the best of your ability. The expectation is that you respond to the prompt appropriately in a way that reflects you have given the question some thought. Most of the supplemental questions are asked in a way to gauge your interest in their program, ie. why our school specifically?
Aug 19, 2015
If you're unsure about the appropriate length of answers to additional questions, contact the school directly and ask! Even if they give a wishy-washy answer, it'll still be better for your peace of mind.

As for the prerequisite portion of program materials: yes, I think so, because once you finish that you get a little green check mark next to "Prerequisite" on the tab, so I assume that means it's required.