May 27, 2011
Hey Current Optometry Students:

I am looking into getting a couple of books on my Kindle. I have tried them in the past, usually on my laptop because they are in color. Do you think this is a good option, in your experience? I am starting opt school in the fall and was just wondering if it would be feasible to read the optometry books on a Kindle.

Feb 24, 2012
Portland, OR
Have you read any books at all on a Kindle? The colored/backlit version specifically? If you have, and haven't had any problems I would do it only if it saves you money compared to the paper version.

Here's the kicker, if they are books you want to keep forever it makes sense and it's environmentally friendly too. If they are books you would maybe want to sell to an incoming 1st year when you are done with it, maybe the paper copy is the way to go.

If I could read books on a backlit e reader without any strain or fatigue, I would do it in a heart beat. My 2 cents.


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Aug 12, 2008
Optometry Student
I am currently a 3rd year at PUCO and I use kindle for my texts. The only real catch is if your professor refers to page numbers, as the page numbers in the e-book version do not correlate to the page numbers in the paper version. Thankfully, if you talk to your professors, they are pretty good about keeping that in mind. One prof posts not only the paper text page number but also the chapter/section number for those of us with the kindle versions.