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Mar 31, 2023
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I am currently a 4 yr international optometry student ( but studying optometry school in US). And I just got a position for residency. However, my OPT will be ending before the end of the residency program. I would like to get some opinions about how to work legally during that period.
- Do I have to find a sponsor to allow me to get H1B visa before the end of my OPT?
- Where can I find a place that provide H1B visa without election?
- or is there anyone has similar situation and can give me some suggestions?
Thank you so much!

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Historically, optometrists have not been eligible for H1B visas. At least, they weren't when I was dealing with this crap 20 years ago. Perhaps that has changed.

I don't get why OPT is ending before residency ends. The residency IS the OPT.