1. F

    Radiology to Ophthalmology Switch

    Hi! I am an incoming PGY-1 who recently matched at a Top Radiology program located in the Midwest (R1 year starting '24). While I am tremendously grateful to have matched at a cush, world class program, I seem unable to shake my interest in Ophthalmology that flourished through multiple...
  2. Coogsandstros


  3. ChaosArcher

    Is it worth specializing in SA Internal Med?

    So I'm at a dilemma, and I'm not sure where to go from here. I've always assumed I would leave vet school and go into general practice right away- it's the pragmatic choice, after all, and I've always been a pragmatic thinker. Diving straight in would mean I could start getting a good salary...
  4. Lauren Berard

    Periodontics AAP Programs

    Hello! I am a rising D3 student and have been trying to research AAP programs but some information has been very difficult to find. Are there any current dental students going through the match process or residents that can offer insight on types of programs (school based vs. hospital) and...
  5. D


  6. R

    Endodontics Residency 2024

    Hi, if anyone recently has had experience with the endodontics residency application process, could you kindly answer the following questions? 1) if applying early is important, what would be the latest date that is still considered early enough to be competitive? 2) Is it possible to submit...
  7. I

    residency dating/long distance

    I have been seeing this guy now for 6 months. He really supports me and shows me how much he cares for me. He told me he has never felt this way about anyone and I really thought we were a good fit for each other. He recently matched into a residency program and will be starting his intern year...
  8. L


    Hello! I am currently a 4 yr international optometry student ( but studying optometry school in US). And I just got a position for residency. However, my OPT will be ending before the end of the residency program. I would like to get some opinions about how to work legally during that period. -...
  9. H

    How much should I let the competitiveness of fellowship matching dissuade me from going IM (or more broadly, from going into any prelim position)?

    I'd love advice, or just other people's point of view, or how people in a position similar to this have handled it. If I would not be happy as an internist for the rest of my life, or in gen-surg, should that be a red flag to me that I should consider not going into those fields with the hopes...
  10. D

    Academic Residency to Community Fellowship

    Hello! Current MS1; my long term plan is to be a community physician. However, my general question is concerning the title. I was speaking to an attending about this and she told me that going to an academic residency will make it harder for me to go to a community fellowship. However she said...
  11. j4pac

    Mayo Florida PM&R (now ACGME approved!)

    Good afternoon. First, hopefully all of the current MS4's are having a nice match day. I wanted to let everyone know the incredibly positive impact that this forum has had for me over the years. It's for that reason that I'm making this announcement here, first. We are currently in the ACGME...
  12. entireparsley

    Does Stony Brook report GPA to residency programs?

    I know that their classes are unranked, but they still recieve grades. Are these grades reported to residency programs during matching?
  13. D

    Beware of Hawaii Psychiatry Residency

    University of Hawai'i Psychiatry Residency is risky because of its legal structure, culture, and recent history. Legally, it is unique because residents are employed by a corporation known as Hawaii Residency Programs. HRP is employed by the University of Hawaii. This gives the program...
  14. H

    Psychiatry as a Specialty Choice

    When I was growing up, I had always thought I'd want to be a psychiatrist. I then experienced significant emotional and, at times, physical abuse at the hands of a family member, and that family member ultimately committed suicide. This whole situation is incredibly complex and not really...
  15. K


  16. Elder_Citrus

    Questions regarding HPSP and Residency

    Hello everyone! I am an incoming dental student and had just received a call from my army recruiter regarding my acceptance into the four-year program. Super thrilled at the moment. I would like to know what will happen going forward and what to expect if I want to do a residency after...
  17. C

    Survey on Radiology Resident Selection Process, Interview Formats, More

    The University of Louisville Department of Radiology is conducting a timely IRB-approved survey on the current Radiology resident selection process, with particular emphasis on the various interview formats. The survey also addresses the impact of the change in Step 1 scoring and attitudes...
  18. N

    Chances for top-tier IM residency?

  19. riderrapidash

    Role of Prestige for Internship and Residency

    Hello, was hoping to maybe get some insight on a question I’ve seen a lot of mixed answers on. I’m wanting to specialize after vet school (most likely in neurology/neurosurgery or large animal surgery, could change of course) and plan to do 1-2 years of internship and hopefully a residency...
  20. comewithme

    Neurology and Math?

    Hi, I am interested in doing neurology as my residency, currently 5th year (out of 6) of medicine in Europe. I also really like math and can’t help but wonder if math is used in neurology. I am aware that while admitting and treating patients there is no room for that but maybe there is...
  21. purplecobra21

    Botched Step 2 CK, how do I move forward?

    For some context, I'm applying to a EM with an average matching score in the high 240's (so not the most competitive). I'm in the middle of a research year at a "top 20" medical school with P/F preclinical and honored every rotation other than neuro. I don't think I deserved most of these...
  22. D

    Medical possible professional probation and how it affects residency applications

    I am posting this discussion because I am potentially going to be placed on professional probation by my medical school. I was on the verge of passing Step 1, which is thankfully pass/fail, but I wasn't yet ready to sit down for the exam because I had only once passed one of my practice exams –...
  23. C

    The ABP and changing the Board Certification process.

    Hi Everyone, My partner recently completed residency and just finished her initial board certification exam. I think this is relevant to residents and current attendings because it highlights some issues with board certification and the pressures and culture of this profession. I hope we can...
  24. A

    UT Houston’s Malignant Anesthesiology Program

    I am morally obligated to warn others about UT Houston’s malignant anesthesiology program. The malignant faculty do check these forums. So, naturally, they will try to negate what I say, but I hope student doctors will hear my message. Malignant in the past, malignant currently, and will be...
  25. N

    Army Army 1-year AEGD results?

    Hello! I’m a 4th year army HPSP student and have begun seeing people posting on social media that they’ve been selected for the AEGD and already know where their residency location is going to be. Should I be worried if I haven’t heard anything yet? And should I expect an email stating whether...
  26. C

    Match Anesthesia To-Do

    M2 here pretty sold so far on going for anesthesia from my interactions with the faculty and anesthesiologists outside academics. I have a buddy applying to anesthesiology this year and telling me that interviews are scarce across his class for the specialty. I'm wondering what I should be doing...
  27. K

    Which General Surgery programs are the Least Competitive?

    Whether they are malignant or at a remote location, I hear about the most competitive allot, but nothing about the least competitive to enter (for a DO) Essentially, My application is pretty bad, but I am on a surgery rotation right now and am falling in love with it. I don't care where in the...
  28. M

    Dual Applied to FM and IM at same hospital and withdrew one. Have I totally screwed up my chances?

    I am dual applying this cycle for FM and IM. FM is my first choice but applied to IM as a backup as well. I mistakenly thought that you could dual apply to 2 specialties at the same hospital and just heard today that this is not smart at all so I withdrew my IM applications from those hospitals...
  29. C

    Asking for tips for international medical student interested in pathology residency and dermatopathology fellowship

    Hello all and thanks for taking the time to read this: I am currently a first year medical student attending medical school outside of the United States. A little background on me: I am an American citizen and I earned my bachelors degree from an American institution. I have also earned three...
  30. G

    Anesthesiology app- How many anesthesiology programs to apply to?

    Stats: MD 228 step 1 (oof I know) 260 step 2 AOA Mostly honors in clerkships I'm having trouble deciding how many programs I should apply to. If that step 1 was out of the equation I don't think I'd be asking this question.. but unfortunately it is and given my other stats I don’t know how...
  31. Babbitt4MVP

    Are US MDs unlikely to get interviews at programs with very few US MDs?

    I see a lot of residency programs with <10% US-MDs. Is that a function of them being less competitive (not attracting a lot of US-MD applicants) or them just preferring DOs/IMGs and being unfriendlier to US-MDs? Basically I want to know if these are worth applying to at all as a US MD.
  32. B

    Advanced programs starting pgy2 in 2021? Radiology

    Hey all, Long time viewer, long time member, rare poster. As I'm shotgunning radiology programs that I may have a shot at, I noticed a program that looked new. So naturally I got over to it's page and they say they are matching a PGY2 position for 2023. So, I go back to ERAS, and the listing...
  33. T

    Co-resident not pulling weight

    I'm in a residency training program and my co-resident isn't really putting forward the effort or taking initiative to do the work which needs to be done (currently being done by me). She also says a lot of things that make me (and other people) pretty uncomfortable. I'm paired up with her for...
  34. P


  35. D

    Psychiatry residency programs with global health involvement

  36. W

    Help me rank my forensic psychiatry fellowship shortlist

    Hi everyone, PGY-2 in psych and currently trying to learn as much as I can about the field of forensic psychiatry and what the programs offer. There is actually very limited information online comparing programs. I think I've read almost every post on the website, and I'm still a little lost...
  37. M

    Chances of getting residency interviews or matching with a misdemeanor

    Hi, Everyone. I am applying for residency for the family medicine match 2023 circle. I had a misdemeanor conviction in 2019 for driving without car registration and insurance. the state doesn't expunge records. I have beaten myself up these past months for the terrible mistake and wanted to know...
  38. R

    Residency by Location

    Hi everyone! I'm a second year medical student in the midwest; I'm originally from the East Coast, and have been pretty homesick since starting school. I am really hoping to match back closer to home, specifically NY, NJ, or MA in Anesthesiology or Emergency Medicine. Also, my partner is tied to...
  39. S

    Position Swap PGY-3 Neurology Swap from NY to MD/DC

    I am posting for my spouse in order to swap a PGY-3 Neurology position located in NY. We would like to like to reunite as a family in Maryland or DC area. Please response if anyone interested.
  40. K

    Position Wanted PGY1 Residency position IM or Psychiatry

    I am interested in an open position for PGY1 Medical residency. I do not require visa and I have cleared all my steps.