1. A

    Psychiatry residency on call at night

    Hiya everyone. I made an anonymous account because my regular one is known by many. My program has always had a back up call system for when folks are sick or have emergencies. Entirely reasonable. We’re on this call for a week at a time. There’s discussion about using this back up resident at...
  2. I

    How do you send transcripts to Residency programs (Canada)?

    Hello friends. I am a foreign trained dentist and applying to a few schools for the residency program. One of the requirements is requesting the undergraduate university to send transcripts to the Canadian school directly. I have authentic, sealed transcripts from my undergraduate university...
  3. S

    How do I analyze match lists?

    I am choosing between a few different schools and everyone says that match lists are one of the most important factors to consider before committing to a school but I have no idea what to look for? How do I determine whether a residency program is "good" or considered competitive? Which names...
  4. Clarus

    All Branch Topic (ABT) Options for a US-IMG during Residency?

    What options are available for a US-IMG attending a residency program in the US? This is in terms of commitments, financial assistance and serving a certain amount of time in the military.
  5. Master Bone Wizard

    Should DO take USMLE 1 & 2 or is STEP 1 no longer needed (so STEP 2 only) as it is P/F?

    The specialty I want is not very competitive (PM&R or Community Neuro) so I am just wondering how many board exams I will have to take? Would applying with a P on COMELX 1 and a STEP 2 and COMLEX score be enough or will programs require I take get a P on STEP 1 as well as a STEP 2 score?
  6. J

    DUI right before starting residency, need advice

    (asking for a friend) Friend (MS4) was arrested for a DUI. He matched in a different state and will be starting residency there soon. From what I understand, he'll have to disclose it to the state licensing board (the state specifically states "you must report any arrest, even if the charge is...
  7. S

    Only 1 elective in PM&R. Am I in trouble?

    Due to personal circumstances along with my other M4 requirements, I may only be able to do 1 PM&R elective prior to applying for residency. I have had exposure to the field through research and a couple of conferences. I am planning on doing 1-2 more electives after submitting my application...
  8. G

    What are my chances of matching radiology?

    Current M4, graduatingg this may 2022. went unmatched after applying ortho. Step 1 238 step 2 239, 2nd quartile of my class. Mostly HP 3rd year grades, 2 Hs peds and psych. 1 P FM. 3 ortho pubs. 4 projects. Multiple posters, 2 podiums. Plans of doing a research year, not set on where or in what...
  9. Master Bone Wizard

    Which is more competitive (overall) for a DO applicant: PM&R vs Neurology?

    I am doing some specialty research and was wondering which of these two specialties is more competitive. Google tells me PM&R as it is often cited as one of the least competitive specialties having low board scores and not much interest by sources like medschoolinsiders.com and medicalaid.org...
  10. N

    Army GDE FY 2022 results?

    Hello! Does anyone have a list of the most recent results for residency selections that they can share? Thanks!
  11. P

    Peds programs

    Hi all, I am applying to Peds residencies this year and am having trouble finding info about the following programs: Montefiore (NY) Colorado UT San Antonio Jacobi If anyone can respond to this thread or DM me about what these programs are like I would really appreciate it! Thanks :)
  12. S

    Position Wanted Current gen surg PGY2 prelim at Hopkins looking for pgy3 categorical spot

    Hi, I'm currently a pgy-2 preliminary doing General Surgery at Johns Hopkins. I have over 260 in the steps and the best Absite score in my class scoring 99th percentile and have great evaluations from my attendings and peers. I'm currently sitting at 290 major cases but I'm expecting to finish...
  13. S

    Preprint vs Peer-reviewed? Need Advice.

    Dear All, Posted a preprint on research square(Case report) but unable to publish it so far due to lack of funds. My question is: If publication in a Journal holds more value than a preprint (from the point of view of residency) and should I focus my energies(and monies) on it? Or should I move...
  14. Asclepius293

    Too late for letter of intent?

    Hey all, I’m currently applying for FM residencies through ERAS. I was initially advised against sending post interview communication, and now I’m worried because I didn’t send my number one a letter of intent. I have sent updates regarding step 2 ck scores, thank you’s, and attended all their...
  15. S

    Surgical Critical Care/Acute Care Surgery Fellowship Interview Thread - 2022

    Hey everyone, Since application season is rapidly approaching, I thought I would get this started for all the Surg Crit Care and ACS applicants. I'm hoping this can be a page to compare notes on applications and programs, as well as keep a running list of which programs have sent out...
  16. C

    UNMC GPR and AEGD program opening

    Hi everyone! University of Nebraska Medical Center GPR and AEGD programs in Omaha, Nebraska are looking to complete their classes for the 2022-2023 year. I did the GPR program 2 years ago and had a great experience, so feel free to reach out to me with questions. [email protected]
  17. W

    Moving to Indiana for a year and establish residency

    Hello! I’m curious if anyone move to Indiana a year before first day of vet school to establish residency and eligible for IS tuition? I’m planing to move to Indiana this May and work full time there and start my 12 months lease. I already email the residency office about the requirement, but it...
  18. P

    Career Outlook: Perio vs Peds?

    D3 here. Incredibly interested in both peds and perio, and can see myself doing both. Curious what the general opinions are on the future of peds vs perio?
  19. R

    Do I need to be realistic about my age and let go of my dreams of a long residency?

    Hello everyone, I am a non-traditional incoming D1 that has always dreamed about oral surgery. For a while now, I have been selling myself on the idea that I would be happy just to get to dental school and have my own practice. I spent a lot of time resenting myself for being too afraid earlier...
  20. I

    Cedars Sinai Internal Medicine Residency

    did anyone else see the AMA on Cedars-Sinai internal medicine residency? Any other applicants comment on what they saw on interview day vs. what this thread claims?
  21. Y

    PD no response?

    Hi everyone I’m applying for IM this year and there was one particular program I was interested in. I felt good after my interview and have emailed the PD a few times and always got a response back. I sent a letter of intent last week expressing interest in the program and all. Have not received...
  22. U

    2 NEW Dermatology PGY-2 slots starting July 2022

    Hello! Our newly accredited UCF/HCA Dermatology Residency Program is accepting applications for two PGY-2 slots starting July 2022. We are based in Tallahassee, FL. Must have PGY-1 completed by June 30, 2022. Please apply through ERAS by January 31st, as we will be screening all applicants...
  23. U

    Position Available 2 NEW Dermatology Slots - PGY-2 start date July 2022

    Hello! Our newly accredited UCF/HCA Dermatology Residency Program is accepting applications for two PGY-2 slots starting July 2022. We are based in Tallahassee, FL. Must have PGY-1 completed by June 30, 2022. Please apply through ERAS by January 31st, as we will be screening all applicants...
  24. D

    Medical Failed level 1 twice, passed level 2 with good score on first attempt

    Hello! I am an OMS 4 and I am looking for some professional guidance. I am applying to match in 2023 and I am just want to know what my chances are or if anyone on admission committee has advice. Background on me: I failed level 1 twice and passed in my third attempt with 481 and passed my...
  25. D

    Failed comlex level 1 twice passed on third try but got a good score for level 2 on first attempt

    what does mean for residency for me? I will be applying next cycle but does anybody know anyone that has been in this situation?
  26. D

    Complete IMG graduated 5 years ago. Now what?

    My friend graduated medical school in his home country 5 years ago. Afterward he married a US citizen and moved to the US. During this time he worked non-medical jobs to support his family. Now that things are more stable, he is trying to retake the step exams (he passed these before, but they...
  27. F

    4th year MD student feeling anxiety towards residency choices

    TL;DR I'm not sure if I'm feeling cold feet towards a specialty I had always enjoyed or if my body is telling me I should pursue a different path. Hello internet! I am a 4th year MD student that could use some help. We are getting close to residency applications, and I'm feeling a lot of...
  28. K

    California Medical License

    Hi everyone. I am a 3rd year DO resident at an ACGME residency program in NY. I will be starting at a fellowship program in California. Part of the requirement was to obtain a medical license prior to the start of fellowship in July. From my understanding, I have to apply through the Osteopathic...
  29. Z

    Should I take Step 2 and Comlex 2?

    DO student here, and I was hoping for some advice about if I should take step 2 on top of COMLEX level 2? Some background on me: Step 1: 255+ . COMLEX 1: 650+. I did well my first 2 years, ranked in the top 10%. I am lucky to have 5+ publications. 5+ poster presentations.I am involved and have...
  30. Z

    PM&R Residency: should I take Step 2 and COMLEX 2?

    DO student here, and I was hoping for some advice about if I should take step 2 on top of COMLEX level 2? Some background on me: Step 1: 255+ . COMLEX 1: 650+. I did well my first 2 years, ranked in the top 10%. I am lucky to have 5+ publications. 5+ poster presentations.I am involved and have...
  31. H

    Do most medical schools favor their own residents for fellowship/professorship?

    If you're interested in academic medicine and have a specific institution in mind, is it in your best interest to try to match there for residency? I have heard mixed things in terms of grad schools in general (ex.: certain fields/programs prefer to recruit professors from other schools in order...
  32. alphacow

    Questions about diff specialties and lifestyle of medicine

    Hey everyone, I'd like a career in academic medicine and shadowed nsgy and ortho the other day (applying to MD next cycle so still a long road ahead). I was thinking a bit into the future and kind of wanted to ask what the end goal of it all is. For those gunning ortho/nsgy/other comp long...
  33. J

    SMH POCUS Certification

    Graduating IM in a little under a year and a half. I am somewhat proficient in US - bedside IVC, FAST exams, etc, but I'm looking to enhance my skills and pad the CV. My GME has offered to pay for my POCUS Certification through the Society of Hospital Medicine. We do not have a dedicated...
  34. Joshdoc

    Fun Topic: Vaccine History in EMR

    When you are looking at a patient's chart in an EMR, is the patient's history of vaccines pretty straightforward to you? Or do you need to spend 5 minutes or more calculating what vaccines they have received (ie to avoid counting duplicates, ect)?
  35. ArteryStudyPainting

    Recent malignant EM Programs?

    Hi! Are there any programs that have have been noted as malignant EM programs or otherwise not-the-best/sketchy? Specifics would be awesome but not necessary. Thanks!
  36. Asclepius293

    Rude to Request to Reschedule Residency Interview Date?

    Hello all, It’s Friday and I just received an invite to interview on Wednesday next week. However, I already have an interview with another program scheduled for that date. The program schedules through email and not ERAS, so there is no freeze date or ability to self schedule. I was...
  37. H

    How do programs (OS) create their applicant rank list

    Looking for information from those with an understanding of how this process works, specifically for OMFS residencies. How do programs create their rank list of applicants? I know everywhere is probably a little different, but there are also bound to be similarities and overriding patterns...
  38. S

    Is Optho Realistic for me?

    Hi! Currently a 3rd year freaking out about grades and being unmatched! Stats are below MS3 at a USMD School Scores: 260 Step 1 Pre Clinical: Did well, All A's Clinical Years: so far Honors in Peds/ OB GYN and High Pass in IM. Neuro AOA: Not sure yet especially with 2 HP already (and in IM of...
  39. aiali

    MD & DO Help with Med-Psych and alternatives!

    I'm looking into Med-Psych programs, but I know I need to be practical about a backup option because of my scores. I'm also not 100% sure what is "competitive" for these programs because while I know I messed up my Step 1 score, my 3rd year has been going a lot better than last year, and I've...
  40. Asclepius293

    Ability to Schedule Future Interview After Cancelling Past Freeze Date

    Hey all, I had something important come up on the same day of a scheduled interview. The freeze date on the ERAS self-scheduler has passed already, but I'm confused based on the ERAS user guide. It says that you can still cancel a scheduled interview date after a freeze date has passed. It...