1. H

    US MD student applying IM 241 step2ck chances

    Hi I am a us md stduent who is applying IM. little dissapointed with recent step 2 score of 241. No major red flags avg ECS 1 publciation and another manuscript submitted. What are my chances for an academic IM program. Any similar match stories?
  2. M


    I am an incoming MS1 trying to understand exactly how connections help in the matching process. For example: I worked in software engineering in my gap year. In that field, you leverage connections by getting a referral from someone in the company/team you want to work in. What’s the analogue...
  3. LindaAccepted

    It’s A (Resident) Match 2024

    Each year on Match Day, thousands of medical school students and graduates discover where they will receive their specialty training. The matching process, overseen by the National Resident Matching Program (NRMP), is determined by an algorithm that pairs eligible applicants with available...
  4. nn0401

    Why so many IMG’s at Eisenhower?

    6/10 EM spots for Eisenhower Health filled by IMG’s. 1/10 US MD. 3/10 DO. (Sorry if this is the wrong forum to post this on. Please direct me to a better place if there is one.)
  5. Mr.Smile12

    MD & DO [AMA] Match Day 2024 press release In 2023, the surprising Match Day development was an unexpected rise in the number of unfilled positions in emergency medicine. That specialty rebounded in 2024 with a...
  6. Mr.Smile12

    [AACOM] Match Day 2024 press release

  7. comicsanscatastrophe

    Need advice for 2025 Match (DO student)

    Hi everyone, I'm trying to get an idea of how many pathology programs I should apply to in the upcoming cycle. For some background, I am a fourth year DO student at an established school in the NE graduating off cycle in September and will be participating in the next Match (a cycle later than...
  8. U

    Need Opinions: To Separate or Not to Separate? (Civilian vs Military Residency)

    I am currently finishing my last year of payback for my military scholarship. I am at a vital point in my life where I have two roads I could take. If I was younger and applied to OMFS immediately after dental school into military, then that is a given path. However, I didn't do that route and...
  9. D

    Rising 4th Year

    I just passed my last Shelf exam for clerkships and I'll be taking Step 1 in May as well as sitting for Step 2 a few months later. I'm also debating taking Step 3 before I start my intern year. I've been feeling anxious about being prepared for Intern year. What are some tips or advice for how...
  10. B

    Gen Surg rank list

    Hi all, obviously down to the wire here and I'm trying to turn over every stone I can. I am pretty solid on my rank list but agonizing over my top 3: Georgetown, Jefferson, and Umass. I know they are all good programs, but I'm trying to figure out as much as I can about their...
  11. 1

    NHSC - NOI Approval or Verification Cycle Comm.??

    Hey all - for, and to, other NHSC dental members seeking post-grad training, have you received your NOI approval or communication for the 2024 Post Graduate Training Verification Cycle? I've communicated with reps back in late Jan and was told to wait for a coming email in a few weeks. The NOI...
  12. D

    Are we able to get licensed to do Botox & filler during residency?

    My question is whether an MD degree is enough to be able to get certified to do Botox & filler. I heard you can’t purchase it until after residency, but are we able to do the certification courses prior to finishing residency? I can’t find an answer anywhere. Thank you!
  13. P

    Ophthalmology Pre-Residency Fellowship at Pacific Clear Vision Institute/Oregon Eye Consultants: Dr. Ambati & Dr. Hunter

    Hello everyone! I want to inform you all about a fantastic opportunity for medical students or recent MD/DO graduates. We are looking for students with a gap year or those who did not match this cycle. Pre-Residency Research Fellowship at Pacific Clear Vision Institute (PCVI) and Oregon Eye...
  14. M

    Canadian USMD on F1 matched into a program sponsoring J1

    I am a fourth year med student at a USMD that recently matched (early match) at a program that sponsors J1 visas only. I am a Canadian currently on an F1 and was wondering how to proceed with switching over to a J1 while I am still finishing up my med school (graduate in June) to be able to get...
  15. H

    What if J1 visa expires before the end of fellowship?

    Hi all, I am an IMG on J1 from the residency program which starts on June 8 and ends June 22. I did extra year for a Chief Residency position (so total of 4). Now, I am going to 3-year fellowship program which starts on July 1. My new program is going to move the start date to June 23 (so I...
  16. M

    Peds vs Ortho

    I am a 3rd year dental student that cannot decide if I want to apply to Pediatric Dentistry or Orthodontics residency programs. Is it possible to apply to programs in both specialties and let fate do its thing? Is this frowned upon or straight-up not allowed? Help! Also, if anyone has some...
  17. K

    Will be repeating OMS1. What will I be able to match into?

    Failed 1 class in OMS1 and will be repeating the semester. Is there any chance still for me to match into EM (the field im interested in), or am I going to be limited to FM/IM? Are there any other options like neurology that are still possible? Would love to hear any success stories to raise my...
  18. M

    Peds neuro

    So I'm currently in my third year rotations and am debating between pursuing two very different fields, interventional radiology and pediatric neurology (but hear me out). The parts of this decision that I am considering are lifestyle, procedural, salary, and doing what I like. Interventional...
  19. O

    Best California Psychiatry Programs

    Hello, I am an ms4 currently working on my rank list. Out of all of the California psychiatry programs (including newer community programs like St Joseph’s, RUHS etc etc) I was hoping I could hear more about everybody’s thoughts to help inform my decision. (Currently heavily considering Loma...
  20. D

    Transfer options as a Psychiatry PGY1 in Canada

    Hi everyone, I'm a current Psychiatry PGY1 in Canada. I have interest in transferring to a U.S. Psychiatry PGY2 position - both due to limitations in my program and subspecialized training/research exposure in the United States. I made the decision to affirm my interest in this a little too...
  21. LindaAccepted

    Medical What’s the Best Way to Prep for Your Residency Interview?

    Your residency interview is your chance to show your target programs that you’ve got what it takes to join their team. Everything in your application, including your medical student performance evaluation (MSPE) and evaluations, is fair game for interviewers. These are some of the most common...
  22. LindaAccepted

    Medical M3 Journaling: How It Can Help Your Residency Application

    As you begin your third year of medical school, what are you doing to prepare for the residency match? Chances are, you’re up to your eyeballs in rotations and exams and everything else that goes into the third year of your medical degree. Chances are, you’re not really thinking much about your...
  23. H

    Prosth, Perio, OMFS, or GP?

    I’m a D4 student, and I’m interested in prosth, perio, and oral surgery. I’m interested in doing things like extraction, full mouth rehabilitation, all-on-4, implants, anesthesia, and sinus lift. I can’t decide which specialty I like the most because we can’t do these advanced procedures at...
  24. Mined23

    Pre-med gap year advice

    Hi I’m an accepted MD student starting in 2024. I’m looking for advice if there’s something I could be doing during my current gap year that might help on a residency application. I am interested in surgery specialties, would it make sense to get more research? If research before med school is...
  25. E

    PSLF + Side gigs/jobs

    Hi! I"m a PGY1 Psych, with >300k loans :( I consolidated my loans to stay on track for PSLF. What's it like out there in the real world in terms of PSLF-eligible gigs? (in terms of salary, responsibilities, hours, etc) Are they mostly low-paying academic jobs 200-250k, or can you find decent...
  26. S

    Which Periodontics Residency Program to choose?

    Hi All, I am having a tough time with regards to figuring out how to rank the following perio programs and which one has more clinical experience. Between Rutgers, UConn, and Stony Brook, which program is known for producing top tier periodontists and which program gives their residents the...
  27. P

    Army Insight on Army OMFS

    I am a 4-year Army HPSP recipient currently in my first year of dental school and wanted some insight regarding OMFS residency in the Army. I have always been interested in that field and I so I am trying to make myself the most competitive applicant for when I am able to apply for residencies...
  28. E

    Orofacial Pain - TMD 2024 cycle Applications/Interviews

    Hey Everyone, I noticed there still isn't an OFP discussion for this year.
  29. W

    DO, low board scores, where to apply?

  30. BannerOMFS

    University of Arizona College of Medicine - Phoenix OMFS Residency Program

    Phoenix OMFS Residency at Banner University - A Thriving and Inclusive Community Hello future Oral Maxillofacial Surgeons, As you prepare to submit your applications with fresh CBSE scores and impressive resumes, I understand the frustration and overwhelm that may come with selecting among...
  31. V

    Position Available Mayo Clinic Residency Open House

    Posting on behalf of the Mayo Clinic - Arizona. Calling all 4th years interested in pursuing their residency with the Mayo Clinic. Virtual event on August 28th, 2023. REGISTER HERE: See flyer for additional details.
  32. O

    What should I do when I don't match? I am applying ENT

    I just wanted to sort of map out next steps in my life and I am weighing options and such. What should I should do when I don't match? Try to find a job and reapply? Give up? What happens if I find a way to survive the year and don't give up? medical school didn't go my way but I really like...
  33. T

    Orthopedic/Sports Residency in Texas (Physical Therapy)

    This question is for those who are in a residency program for Orthopedics or Sports in the field of Physical Therpay OR those with experience applying for residencies: I'm finishing up my PT program in several months. I wanted to know if a GPA on the lower end would still be able to get into a...
  34. Sushanth Alladaboina

    General surgery residency

    As a international student, it is very hard to get general surgery residency directly after doing MD So Is it easier to get general surgery If I apply for general surgery residency after doing my internal medicine surgery
  35. F

    Position Swap FM pgy 2 swap position in Florida

    I am looking to swap with a pgy 2 in FM. My current residency is located in Florida. I am also looking for open FM pgy2 positions as well. I‘m okay with any location. I’ve signed up for residency swap but haven’t had one reach out to me yet.
  36. C

    Matching GS with no Research

  37. swimminginconfidence

    Is it truly over? A desperate question from a foreign medical student

    Here's where I'm at right now, I'm a 2nd year medical student from Ethiopia , I failed my first preclinical year of med school twice...well failed once and withdrew once(which means no grades on the second attempt)....I passed on my third attempt(with a C in anatomy but B in everything else)...
  38. F

    Radiology to Ophthalmology Switch

    Hi! I am an incoming PGY-1 who recently matched at a Top Radiology program located in the Midwest (R1 year starting '24). While I am tremendously grateful to have matched at a cush, world class program, I seem unable to shake my interest in Ophthalmology that flourished through multiple...
  39. Coogsandstros


  40. ChaosArcher

    Is it worth specializing in SA Internal Med?

    So I'm at a dilemma, and I'm not sure where to go from here. I've always assumed I would leave vet school and go into general practice right away- it's the pragmatic choice, after all, and I've always been a pragmatic thinker. Diving straight in would mean I could start getting a good salary...