Oral Board Prep Course

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Jul 11, 2005
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I am getting into the panic mode before the orals this spring and wanted to get your opinion on the various oral board prep courses out there: Jensen's, Ho's, UBP etc...
For those of you who had taken them (particularly more than one) could you weigh in on the quality of the course, how much it helped and would you do it again?
Could anyone compare them from experience?
Thanks so much!

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While there are many options to choose from I am a firm believer in the kiss method.
Pick one source....know the crap out of it and do a lot of practice exams. Anesthesiology review for the oral boards by guan is a good outline of what you need to know. I found it to be like first aid for step 1. I would know that well (like first aid you will need to fill in the gaps with a secondary source for some topics) and then do the first section of board stiff three (the high yield facts section). Once you are confident you know those two books well start doing practice exams. I did about 15 (3 with a board examiner at my fellowship program).

I didn't feel super confident coming out of them (which is normal) but I passed in the end.
Good luck...I felt this exam was definitely one of the harder ones I took but with the proper prep and confidence it's definitely doable.
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If you have an examiner at your site, use him/her.
If you have some attendings that you respect, have them go over "snipets" with you: how to handle a difficult airway, low urine output, a post op MI

read Yao and Anesthesia & Uncommon Diseases or Anesthesia & Co-Existing Diseases cover to cover

Finally, don't think oral examiners are trying to trick you...they are not. Only you will lead yourself down the correct or incorrect path.
Thanks guys.
I'm more and more convinced that I don't need a course.
Just started doing practice orals over Skype with my friend (also taking the test in April) and I think we'll be ok if we just keep doing it regularly over the next 3 months.
Plus, I am scheduling some mock orals with faculty as well.
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