Oral Presentations/Posters

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Feb 1, 2010
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Hey guys,

I am in the medical field.

I am, as most of you, part of several research projects, that their abstracts were accepted at International Conferences and were delivered as Oral Presentations/Posters.

Several Oral/Posters were presented by my colleagues (regardless of first or second authors.....) however every author contributed to the project, abstract, poster, and the process of submission.

How do I list them on my CV? I heard many opinions from different authorities, still can't decide how to list them properly on my CV (not for ERAS).

These Oral/Posters presented by my colleague, do I list them as Oral/Posters in my CV?
What do you do to get credits for that if you weren't the presenter but you contributed?

I have read CVs where authors listed > 500 Posters/Oral presentations given globally. I am pretty sure that they didn't presented every poster at every meeting.

Your opinion is highly appreciated.