Jul 6, 2009
I am in the market to get some new loupes and have heard good things about these loupes. I'm a 4th year student and will be starting a perio residency in the fall next year. I currently have 2.5x DFV loupes that broke on me last week and have a few questions before I buy some new loupes. I know that magnification is 100% subjective to the operator (I feel 2.5x is fine, but would likely benefit from a bit more magnification), but considering I'll be doing perio would anyone have insight as to whether I would need more magnification? I'm sure if I was doing endo, I'd be looking at 3.5x-4.5x loupes; however, I think 2.5x in perio would likely be more than enough in 90% of the work I do. Second, does anyone have direct experience with the orascoptic XV1 loupes? If you have the experience and didn't like them, what brands would be most reputable?

Thanks in advance.
Jul 18, 2010
Columbus, Ohio
Dental Student
Considering most periodontists don't use loupes, I believe 2.5 would suffice!! Those new orascoptic loues are the same magnifiers with lense mounted batteries. More convenient, more money, but same lighting and magnification.