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Apr 5, 2016
Pre-Physical Therapy
This may seem like somewhat of a weird question, but I'll ask it nonetheless. Some of the programs to which I am apply require fewer letters of recommendation than what I will have on my application. As in, one school requires one professor and one 'healthcare professional'. If I have three recommendations, two of which are healthcare professionals (one PT who I shadowed, the other a Pharmacist for whom I have worked as a technician for 3+years) does the order in which I receive their letters of recommendation affect what the school will use to fulfill their requirements? The letter I have from my pharmacist/boss will be much more indicative of my work ethic, character etc. so I am worried that the 'healthcare professional' quota will get used by the weaker LOR I have from my PT. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!

Smash Atoms

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Mar 23, 2017
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From what I understand after speaking to several schools, they receive and read ALL LORs that are sent.
I am applying to several programs who all wanted different things, so I ended up doing 2 from PTs, 1 from a professor in my major, and 1 from my employer.
Managed to hit all requirements with those 4.

Good luck!
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