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Oct 21, 2008
So, with our third and final test before the final test tomorrow, my grade isn't looking too good. I realize why I'm not going to have a grade I need (A, B, or C). I will most likely finish the class with an F or D.

I made a 48 on the first test, and an 80 on the second. Now I am feeling like I am putting myself behind with finishing my bachelor's (I lack 50ish hours).

So if I do fail, what's next? Hopefully I can pull something out my sleeve and do really well on the third test and final exam, but if not, has anyone else had luck after not passing Organic on their first try?

I guess I'm just seeking some advice and encouragement, so feel free to post anything constructive.
Aug 19, 2010
Chapel Hill, NC
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You won't be behind if you decide to drop/end up failing the course. You have plenty of semesters left to fit it in. I dropped Physics 2 the first time I tried it and took it again a year later. There's always room somewhere.