Portage Learning General Chemistry I (Chem 103)

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Jisu Oh

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Feb 8, 2022
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I've started my journey for fulfilling Pharmacy pre-requisites with Portage Learning. I've asked the pharmacy schools that I am interested in attending about portage learning and they accept to credits! So far, portage learning is the most cost effective option I found regarding online, self-paced courses. I'm trying to knock out several courses in a short amount of time (about a year) so the courses had to diverge from the traditional semester schedule.

So far I like the course. It's well organized and the individual lesson videos also come with text which I like. I like to supplement the videos with texts. The videos I've watched are by Dr. Ken Hartman, but the professor I am assigned to is a different person. She's been responsive to my messages so I like that.

I hope this course goes well because I've got to take Biology 1 & 2, AP 1 & 2 and other courses and I would like to knock them out with portage pricing.. Unfortunately Portage doesn't have Organic Chemistry 1 & 2 so it's likely I will do those two courses and Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences since they offer some self-paced courses too.

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