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Jul 16, 2017
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I was working on the post video question on organic chemistry section on coursesaver, and couldn't figure something out:

Correct Answer: 7-ethoxy-2,3-dimethyloctane

I got this wrong because I thought the Ether functional group got priority in numbering in this case even though numbering from where the methyls are would give it a lower overall number in naming. So instead of the correct answer: 7-ethoxy-2,3-dimethyloctane, I got 2-ethoxy- 6,7 - dimethyloctane. When does the functional groups priority override the numbering convention? Similar to how Alkanes and Alkynes would get priority in getting the lower number regardless of rest of functional groups (as long as there aren't any other higher priority functional groups.


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Jun 5, 2017
While ProfessorAOS is correct, that is not to say that alcohols wouldn't be given less priority when considering iso-groups. Or in your case, the 2,3 methyl groups.
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