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Jun 8, 2009
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This is a pretty worthwhile thread for the long haul, but I'm afraid it's probably missing the input of a lot of people who don't frequent the osteopathic forum. I think it probably belongs here instead.

Basic premise is this: Review the osteopathic traditional rotating internships (TRI's) for:

  • curriculum,
  • call schedule,
  • night float system,
  • # of electives,
  • salary,
  • scut/support staff,
  • administration/organization,
  • hospital infrastructure/technology,
  • etc.
...with an eye toward highlighting good vs bad programs, and pointing out which may be considered "cush" (of course it's all relative). Cush doesn't mean a bad education, it just means they don't crush you while they're at it.

This is particularly relevant this year, as the allopathic prelim's move to comply with the new ACGME req's for PGY-1's and technically the AOA programs are unaffected. On the interview trail I have come across places that already have a night float system in place and would be in compliance with the new work hour limits, and others that plan to keep their 27-hour shifts until the AOA policy changes.

If you did a TRI, or interviewed at one and gathered any info about it, write a short review!