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May 26, 2002
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In the space provided, describe your motivation for a career in medicine and experiences you have had that helped confirm this desire.
*Please avoid using contractions and quotations. (600 words or less)

this seems so similiar to the original personal statment. how much overlap can there be? Any ideas?? :confused:


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Jan 29, 2002
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It's funny how when I did the OSU secondary last year, I didn't even consider that there would be overlap, but after reading the question over again, I feel differently.

Anyway, my personal statement was about ONE aspect of my desire to go into medicine. I attacked it from all angles. For the OSU question, I went way back to when I was young, and discussed all the developments in my life that led to my desire to be a doctor. Yes, I did mention the one big thing from the personal statement, but that was mostly a confirmation that I want to enter medicine, not a reason.

When I read over my secondary essays right before my interview, I thought they were really good, probably the best secondary answers of all my apps. I got in.

Good luck
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