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    Just wanted to start a thread about the podiatry political action committee. I've found that many students are unaware of what the pac does and its importance regarding the future of our (or any) profession. I hate Washington politics as much as the next guy, but it's reality and we need to deal with it. I encourage anyone who isn't aware of the pac to inquire more and consider donating now and throughout your practicing years into the future. I'm not acting here with an agenda as a member of any fundraising committee, just a pod student who would like to see our profession's presence as strong as it can be in Washington. If anyone out there can elaborate on the importance of the pac, please add...
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    Yup! PAC is the most important thing when it comes to development of our profession. I strongly advise to fellow studnets and pre-pods that "the best investment you could do for your professional future is by donating to the PAC. In simple terminology, PAC is our voice in the political arena. It explains our profession and difficulties faced by us to the members in capitol hill. I think one needs to take a look at the achievements of PAC to realize how important it is. Especially with resolution 2015 on the horizon , we should make PAC as strong as possible.

    Honestly, make it a rule of your life that if you can pay $10 for some sports organization or walk in the park society, make sure you first pay $2 to PAC. because other issues/societies can get their money from anywhere but PAC is completely run on funds donated by people like us and they are the most deserving before any other organization. So first PAC then everything else.

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