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Aug 23, 2004
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I recently found out that a program is accepting applications for CA-1 positions this July, and I'm currently in a categorical program where I just signed the contract for the next year. I called the new program and they said I have to tell my current program director I want to apply somewhere else before I can do anything.

What should I do? I really want to go to this new place (a friend will be there) but if I tell my current director I will lose my spot and if I don't make it in the other program I'm screwed. Can I just apply and then if I make it inform my director? It's a big pain because my med school destroyed all my LOR and I would have to try to get new letters among other paperwork problems. My current program has also not been very nice to me since the beginning and I'm not very happy here.


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Feb 22, 2006
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I know someone who got an "outside the match" spot this year. The anes program would not consider interviewing her until she had contacted the PD of her program. Also, they only wanted LOR from her current program. They would not accept LOR from medical school. I don't know if this is true of all outside the match spots as she only applied to one program (and got in!!).

It sounds like you are in a delimma. Especially since most of the outside the match spots are most likely already filled. In my limited expereince, most of the outside match spots fill fairly early in year. It may be better to suck it up and plan on staying at your program for another year. You could start early next year and try to work hard and get some good letters from some of your attendings. The girl that I spoke about above applied at the beginning of her 3rd month of internship. There were only 2 spots with 100 applicants!!! Needless to say she was ecstatic when she got the acceptance.
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