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Ribonucleic Acid

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Aug 4, 2017
Hey guys,
So I've posted quite a few times on here before, but with a different account. I made a new one because of anonymity purposes.
Anyways, I was wondering if you could give me your thoughts on my application so far. I'm a Texas resident and I will be applying to JAMP this semester. My goal is to go to Baylor or UT Southwestern for in-state schools. Right now I really enjoy neurosurgery, but I'm keeping an open mind as I know that may change in the future.

Entered College at age 16 (Now age 17)

Sophomore at a Texas private university


Overall cGPA: 3.83 sGPA: 3.92


1 year of Microbiology research through university, 1 publication

Won second place at Texas American society for Microbiology for my research presentation. Mainly going up against juniors/senior

Chiari Malformation I, Neurosurgery Research with MD/Ph.D this summer (Will continue throughout schooling, hopeful for publication)


~250 Hours of shadowing (Mostly neurosurgery)

Barely any clinical volunteering


~40 Hours with special needs kids

Going to start university program, with a professor, for students with mental/physical disabilities that allows them to do physical activities/sports


Head Chemistry SI (starting in fall)

Biology Lab assistant (starting in fall)

I'm obviously still in the preliminary stages of my application, however there's no doubt in my mind that medicine is what I want to do. If you could give me some suggestions on what I could do to make my application stronger, that would be great. I know the whole age thing may put me at a disadvantage, but what could I do to mitigate that?

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Jul 15, 2015
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Shadowing isn't clinical experience

Start volunteering at a hospital, and get involved with some non-clinical volunteering you are interested in
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Jul 14, 2005
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Stop shadowing the neurosurgeon. Find a Primary Care doc you can spend a FEW hours with and then switch to doing clinically related stuff-either volunteering or get a job with direct patient contact at a hospital. Next step out of your comfort zone and volunteer at a homeless shelter or a soup kitchen. You are young but you are doing fine. Keep up the good work with your grades and expand your activities.

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