Overseas research via email?

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Jun 29, 2014
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I'm a first year med student. I was wondering, would it be possible to cooperate in research project even if you're not physically present at the institution? For example, I know a PI who is not in the states, but we do communicate electronically where I can help him with write-ups. How would this be perceived when you're applying for residencies?

Any thoughts?
No idea how realistically feasible such a project would be. But bro, however you (ethically) do it, if you can get published, that's what really matters!
I'm in a similar situation: I help a foreign PI with write-ups of his clinical data and he's generously included my name in a couple of papers. But I don't know how residency directors would perceive this
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I am currently doing this with my current research (involving genetic epidemiology/computational biology). Obviously, long distance research would require something that is dry lab related...
Completely feasible for chart review based research.

Labs collaborate all the time despite being on different continents.
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That will work! You might try getting case reports that you can help your PI write from long distance! Review article and chart-review based researches would be another example where you can contribute without physical presence.