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Mar 17, 2004
From the ED forums to you! ("Incorrect statements about EM")

DocWagner said:
Intellectually challenging is relative.
Ask a general surgeon to reduce a shoulder...painlessly.
Ask a internest to run a trauma.
Ask a pediatrician to treat a 20 year old.
Ask a trauma doc to treat heart failure.
DocWagner said:
...every pediatrician I have met runs for the hills when their "pediatric" patient gets pubic hair.
Jeff698 said:
I suspect that's because 'cerebral' has been defined by people who hang out on the floors endlessly pontificating about lab values and doing nothing. Of course, the few times I've been a babysitter, I tried to come up with things to think about, too.
jazz said:
agree. people who criticize EM as not cerebral do so because they already have the diagnosis. of course, the diagnosis is made in the ed.

i still am confused why people don't think EM is cerebral since most of the diagnosis is made in the ED, and if not, we've ruled out the catastrophes. i suppose it's a view point thing -- severe anemia presenting as sob.... i suppose sending iron studies to work up anemia can be considered cerebral but not for me.