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Aug 31, 2015
CEP America is one of the leading providers of acute care management and staffing solutions in the nation. Founded in 1975, we now serve more than 5.2 million patients at over 140 practice locations throughout the United States.

CEP America has been utilizing physician assistants and nurse practitioners for 30 years. Today more than 900 PAs and NPs deliver vital patient care in our departments and clinics across the country. Our PAs and NPs work in a variety of settings with CEP America, including the main emergency department, Fast Track and Rapid Medical Evaluation (RME)® areas, as well as inpatient and ambulatory care settings.

5 Reasons to Consider CEP America

1. Professional development
Generous benefits package
Educational advancement
Partnership involvement
Leadership opportunities

PA/NP Locations

· California
· Illinois
· Oregon
· Georgia
· Missouri
· Tennessee
· Kansas

To learn more about the benefits of working for CEP America, visit
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