PA pre-reqs

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Aug 10, 2004
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Hey everyone-
So I've recently returned to school and am knocking some science classes off, am doing quite well gpa wise, and am thinking of becoming a PA. I'm not sure how to get clinical experience, however. I've known people who get their EMT and cannot get a job with it. Plus it pays like $8 an hour, so you'd need a second job. There's also a CNA, same deal though. Is there a better way or certification to get the clinical experience PA schools demand? And how long do I need to do that for before applying?
Thanks everyone!


you could always get the emt and volunteer in an er or with a volunteer medic squad while working a full time job that pays the bills.
typically better programs want to see a min of 2000 hrs of clinical experience with some wanting much more( the avg at u.wa, one of the better programs, is 8000 hrs). if you are considering emt vs cna do the emt.
emt= evaluation and treatment of sick patients
cna= diaper changes and feeding at the nursing home-important, but not great medical experience
check out www.physicianassistant.net for a pa specific forum as well as www.aapa.org the pa professional society.