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PA Program Reputations and Employment


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Apr 30, 2001
State College, PA

    Can anyone tell me how important it is to attend a reputable, well-known PA program (like Duke, GW, Yale, etc.) versus attending a program at a small, relatively unknown college? Does PA program reputation make a significant difference in post-degree job opportunities, or long-term career success?

    Thank you!
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    Aug 26, 2001
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      while attending a big name program couldn't hurt, the important thing is to attend a program with good hospital and community health rotations so that you gain adequate experience to pass the boards. most p.a. programs have some mechanism for sending students to at least 1 teaching hospital.beware of programs without any hospital affiliations that encourage you to "find your own rotations".also you should check up on the board pass rates for any school you are thinking of attending. any school with a first pass rate less than 95% should throw up a red flag. typically these are smaller, community college based programs.also, if you know where you want to end up working, attending a local program wouldn't be a bad idea so that you can scope for jobs as a student.
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