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Nov 29, 2017
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Okay, so here it is. I have close to 1600 hours working as a medical assistant in a pain management clinic. However, I wasn't a certified medical assistant. In Arkansas you can work without the certification. My first question is, do you think this will look less credible to a board if they see that I wasn't certified when working? Would you advise going back and getting certified as a phlebotomist, CNA, MA, etc and go through the whole process of getting hce experience again? Also, the clinic I worked at recently closed. I most likely will not be able to get a recommendation from the doctor or the staff. Should I reconsider getting other healthcare experience or is this adequate?

Thanks in advance for answering!

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I'm in the same boat in terms of working as an MA rather than a CMA. It's fine, as long as you are not misrepresenting yourself (which I guess would have to literally involve you calling yourself a CMA).
I'm not sure how important it is to have a doctor/clinical recommendation for PA school. For med school the consensus seems to be that professors are better sources of letters than doctors, though, so that may not matter either.
More healthcare hours = all the better for PA school but I would imagine that 1600 is adequate. If you have time/opportunities then it wouldn't hurt to get some clinical volunteering hours though.
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