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pa program

  1. LindaAccepted

    Medical Is an Online Ivy League PA Program Too Good to Be True?

    Interview with James van Rhee, Director of Yale PA Online [Show Summary] Have you always wanted to be a PA, but did circumstances in your life just not allow for it? Yale might have just the right program for you – a PA program delivered primarily online, with clinical experience in or near your...
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  3. K

    Repeating entire year?

    So I am currently a sophomore who transferred to another university. A lot of my credits didn’t transfer/I didn’t do well in a couple of classes so I’m in as a true “first year” for this year. So, I’m in my second year of college but I’m actually a first year at this point because of credit...
  4. LindaAccepted

    Medical How to Prepare for a PA School Interview

    Physician Assistant program interviews are similar to medical school interviews. There are three possible interview formats: traditional, MMI (multiple mini interview) or a hybrid of these two. Traditional interviews involve anywhere from one to three people interviewing one to three students...
  5. LindaAccepted

    Medical 5 Qualities to Highlight in Your Physician Assistant Program Application

    In addition to identifying students with academic promise, physician assistant programs are looking for students who have a wide range of specific personal characteristics. Based on the criteria for the most competitive PA programs, there are five general areas in which students are evaluated...
  6. C

    Pre-dent changing to pre-PA

    Hi guys! I graduated in 2017 and on my track to dental school. I actually applied to dental school that year but got rejected to all because I took my DAT too late. However, later tht year I decided that dentistry isn't for me, plus I'm not ready to take on a huge debt afterwards (300-500k...
  7. LindaAccepted

    Medical How to Get Accepted to Physician Assistant (PA) Programs

    Physician Assistants (PAs) are similar to doctors in many ways and serve as an important member of the healthcare team. They improve the ease and speed with which patients are able to see a healthcare provider. They take on about 80% of the same activities as doctors in patient care. They see...
  8. Kobethegoat24

    I read on some website that Clinical research coordinators are PCE?

    So I read on a website that Clinical research coordinator is PCE, does anyone have any experience with this field? I have a lot of pharmacy technician hours also and was wondering if anyone knows of a PA school that allows pharm tech hours as PCE, so far I haven't seen any when researching.
  9. M

    Sophomore needs advice on PA preparedness/competitiveness

    Hi, I am a sophomore in college studying biology and I am looking for advice on being prepared and competitive for PA programs. I would like to attend PA school right after graduation. I believe this means that I would apply during my junior year-- is that correct? My college is pretty well...
  10. R

    Senior Year..Not sure what to do. (DO? PA? MPH? PA/MPH???)

    Hello, this will be very complicated so pay attention and hopefully, you can give me some good advice. I am 21YO white male and I graduate this semester in May with a 3.2cGPA, a Cell and Molecular Biology major with a Biochemistry minor. I started my first semester of freshmen year with a...
  11. C

    Personal Statement for PA School

    I just finished my personal statement for PA school and I'm looking for someone to edit my essay :) any help is appreciated!
  12. hollywoodhorse

    Choosing a medical career- PA, MD/DO, something else?

    I’m a recent December graduate with a bachelors in biology and 22. My GPA is 3.38 and my science is about 3.2. I know I want to do something in medicine, but i’m exploring all my options as my recent attempt at MD/DO programs was unsuccessful. My mcat was 495 which I know is not quite...
  13. D

    PA Vs. NP Vs. M.D./D.O.

    I graduated high school not too long ago and I go to a community college. My CC has a really good nursing program but I also am really interested in becoming an X Ray Tech. I do want to be a provider someday but at the same time my parents want me to get out and start working a professional job...
  14. M

    How did you choose medicine?

    Hello everyone, I am a communication disorders student who is having a rather hard time choosing what field I would like to go into. I have always been very attracted to the medical field as I genuinely enjoy helping people, in addition to some intense childhood experiences regarding my health...
  15. Rozzieray

    Thinking of becoming a PA or NP

    Hi everyone, For the past year I have been thinking of switching career paths from the veterinary medicine route to human medicine. I am not in veterinary school so the switch would not be that drastic right? I double majored in Animal science and NREM (natural resources and ecological...
  16. swintos

    PA school HCE experience

    Okay, so here it is. I have close to 1600 hours working as a medical assistant in a pain management clinic. However, I wasn't a certified medical assistant. In Arkansas you can work without the certification. My first question is, do you think this will look less credible to a board if they see...
  17. N

    Academically disqualified ex nursing student wanting to get into a PA program

    Hello! Five years ago, during my undergrad, I was academically disqualified from my university's nursing program. It was my first and only semester. I continued my studies and received a health administration degree, but I still want to provide patient care. My overall GPA is a 3.1 and my...
  18. N

    Confused about what to do next. Grad school?

    Hello everyone. I graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology with a 2.9 GPA in December of 2016. I have been working at a hospital in the Med Center for three years as a Health Unit Coordinator and also as a pysch patient sitter. I know I want to go to grad school but I am not sure what...
  19. Kobethegoat24

    Switching from Pharmacy to PA

    Just need some advice into a very scary chapter in my life. I have read some very scary things about pharmacy field that have made me rethink my course. I have been working towards a pharmacy career and been working as a tech for the last 3 years, but now want to switch to physician assistant...
  20. F

    Non traditional student

    Hello, I am thinking about becoming a PA. I'm 25 i am currently a cardiovascular Sonographer but don't like it. I didn't go to university, I did an internship after highschool so I don't have a bachelors I have a few questions about becoming a PA. I see a lot of people saying you absolutely...
  21. TNorman23

    Current Biology major, stuck between PA and nursing. Please help.

    Hello all, This is my first post so pardon me if I am asking the wrong people the wrong questions, just in need of some enlightenment. I am currently a biology major at UTA, I transferred in with a lot of credits from a community college to save money on school, about 60 credits in total. I've...
  22. G

    PA School Help

    Hi guys. So currently, I have just finished my junior year of undergrad. My current but yet horrendous stats are cGPA: 2.75 & sGPA: 2.40 Unfortunately, all the pre-req's I have take that are required for PA school, I have received Cs in. I really want to become a PA, but I know how hard and...
  23. Maylily7

    PA School Admissions/Advice on how to get in?

    Hello, my name is Maylily7! I really want to become a PA and apply to PA school upon graduation. What I would appreciate is advice to secure an acceptance and the likelihood I can get into one of these programs. Also, if you have any personal admissions stories I'd be happy to hear them! I just...
  24. R

    I have recently graduated from undergrad with my biology/pre-med degree and i'm interested in PA

    Hello everyone! I have recently graduated from undergrad with my biology/pre-med degree and i'm interested in PA school and becoming a physician assistant, BUT my overall gpa isn't that great. What options do you think I have to partake in order to bring my gpa up and prepare to successfully...
  25. D

    Looking for some advice

    Because I already know what my chances are....very low. Ok so I will be starting my senior year next semester. If all goes well the highest GPA I'll graduate with is like a 3.1. Yes, I know. I had planned to take the MCAT after graduating, so I can really put months of studying in and then take...
  26. NCliving

    Should I pursue pharmacy school vs pa school?

    First off I want to say hey to everyone since I am new to these forums. To give a little background, I just graduated with my bachelors degree in exercise science over here on the east coast. My plan for the longest time has been to go onto pa school and hopefully work more in the sports...
  27. Dreamy747

    Genetics: PA vs. MD

    Hi, I'm currently a freshman Biology (concentration in Genetics) / Pre-Med student. First and foremost, I know I want a career between medicine and genetics. I've considered genetic counseling before, but from what I've found it is not as hands on as I would like. So I guess my question comes...
  28. R

    Direct Patient Care Hours prior to Matriculation or Application? [PA School]

    Hi all, I am not a pre-PA student myself, but am asking this question for another and hope that someone who has been through the process or similar situation can provide some insight! Do all direct patient care hours have to be finished prior to matriculation or prior to submitting an...
  29. disflore

    How to Retake classes to improve GPA for PA school?

    I'm a recent graduate from a UC in Human Biology, prior to that I was a transfer student from a CC. I'm planning on applying to PA school in the future. My degree included all the prereqs I needed for PA school so I don't need to take new classes, however I would like to improve my undergrad &...
  30. G

    PA school- is my GPA too low ?

    I recently obtained my undergraduate degree in Exercise Science with a concentration in Exercise Physiology. My goal is to apply to PA programs when CASPA opens in April 2017. My main problem is that I'm worried my GPA will be too low. I graduated with an Overall GPA of 2.876 and my Science GPA...
  31. G

    DPM, PharmD, MD, DO, NP, CRNA, PA,Please Help with my planning!!!

    Hi everyone, I would DEEPLY appreciate responses regarding my career. I am almost 24 years old, and will finally receive my degree 1/03/2017 in Health Sciences. I still haven't taken Ochem, Physics, and Calculus. I was planning on becoming a PA, and thought it was my ABSOLUTE dream. However...
  32. R

    Pathology Assistant before medical school ?

    Hey guys! I really love the anatomy of the human body. I just found out that my school has a pathology assistant masters that will only take one and a half years - I will probably get my bachelors in three or less years, so I wouldn't be spending a lot of extra time in school. Do you think...
  33. C

    Caribbean Medical School or US Physician Assistant Program

    Hey all, Would you recommend Caribbean medical school (SGU, ROSS, AUC, SABA) or a US PA Program? A little info regarding my specific circumstances: I graduated with a BA Psych and Minor Bio (bioI/II, chem I/II, anatomy, physio, neuroscience, invert zoo, vert zoo, pharmacol) with a 3.95...
  34. notthekyrieirving

    PA to MD?

    Hiya folks, So I'm in a bit of a dilemma here. I'm interested in applying for medical school next cycle, and my well-meaning mother is pushing/forcing me to also apply to PA school this cycle. Her reasoning is that if I get into PA school I can still apply to medical school and transfer if I...
  35. T

    Pre-Med student in serious need for help/advice !

    I am a biology major who one day hopes to go for PA or MD. I know my circumstances are very very slim , you do not need to tell me that. I am going to a state school and following coursework for a BS in Biology. My Freshman year I took gen. chem 1+2 (B,B) , psychology(C+), bio1 (C) and...
  36. LindaAccepted

    Medical 10 Reasons to Become a PA

    I have worked as a Physician Assistant for about two years now, and I absolutely LOVE what I do. I do not have a shadow of doubt in my mind that this is exactly the right career choice for me. Prior to pursing this career, I spent years researching exactly what PAs did in the medical field and...
  37. TravisDPT

    Leave DPT Program for PA school?

    Looking for advice/anyone who has been in a similar situation. Currently in my first clinical rotation (inpatient acute care) after finishing my first year of my DPT (3-year program, class of 2018). Having second thoughts about wanting to be a PT, and am leaning towards applying to PA school (2...
  38. Green Grass

    PA school

    POLL: Just wondering how many of you have considered PA school? I'm not trying to sway you one way or the other, it's a personal preference thing, but have any of y'all thought about it?
  39. B

    Put this PA school on your radar!

    Hey, guys! I hope you're considering applying to Touro University Nevada's PA program. We're having an information session on July 8th, 2016, and Dr. Phil Tobin, Director of the School of Physician Studies, will talk about why you should choose Touro, and you can ask all your questions about the...
  40. N

    PA Questions

    just graduated high school with a career in PA on my mind, im wondering is pa a good career choice. Some people say its terrible with working hours like on holidays and being on call while also being extremely stressful which makes me want to run away from it, while others say that it has a...
  41. C

    How do I decide between Med School or PA School?

    Hi everyone, I have been talking to a couple of other peers that I volunteer with and honestly, I don't know which path I should be going for. They both have their pros and cons, which makes my decision that much harder. I do have about 2.5-3 more years before I apply, but it's never too soon...