Pacific University, Arkansas state DPT

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Oct 22, 2016
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hello everyone,
i have applied to 5 schools, i have gotten denied from 2 (NSU, Elon) I am in contact with the university of St.Augustine however, Pacific University and Arkansas state have not answered my Emails. i am applying to the DPT program. i sent my application in july for the fall '17 term and have not heard back. does anyone know when Pacific University or Arkansas State will be notifying their applicants ?
also how is everyones Stats? i have a 3.3GPA and have 2 pending prerequisites and i have a BA in Health and Exercise Science from Rowan University.


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Oct 5, 2010
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You need to do your research on these programs. From the PTCAS directory, it says that Pacific University's deadline was 6 days ago. They don't do interviews until, it will likely be AT LEAST a month before you hear anything from them.

Arkansas State's deadline isn't until Feb 2017! So again, they won't even start looking at applications generally until after that date. I would guess at least March before you hear from them.

I don't know anything specific about those schools but it only took me a few moments to pull up that information. As long as the schools have received your application (verified by PTCAS and sometimes the school will send an email when they process it), then you are just in the waiting game. Both of these programs are "traditional" admissions meaning there is no benefit to applying early. They will process all applications together after the deadline has passed. If you have a specific question regarding your application, you can certainly call. Although in your case, I might let them have some time to sort out all the applications.

Also, I recommend you share your current pre req GPA when asking advice as that is often more important than your cumulative.