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  1. D

    Duke University DPT 2021 (regular decision)

    Has anyone heard back from Duke for regular decision applicants who did not apply for ED?
  2. destinychild.n

    Looking for advice...from PT to DPT

    Hello, I am a foreign PT. I have a bachelor's degree and 2 years of experience in public hospital (Europe). I moved to States 6 years ago, now I live in Vegas. I haven't done anything so far. If I want to practice PT again and get license, do I need to get a doctor's degree or is there another...
  3. M

    Accepting multiple DPT School Offers!

    Hi All, Have anyone decided to accept multiple DPT offers to, later on, attend the school that provides the best Financial Aid package? I understand that this can raise an ethical dilemma. The sooner I deny an offer, the sooner the school can contact a waitlist applicant. I got in two state...
  4. G

    Pacific University, Arkansas state DPT

    hello everyone, i have applied to 5 schools, i have gotten denied from 2 (NSU, Elon) I am in contact with the university of St.Augustine however, Pacific University and Arkansas state have not answered my Emails. i am applying to the DPT program. i sent my application in july for the fall '17...
  5. R

    Pre-PT FAQs Answered

    https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLkeaE_uo128l-KU41XcmWPcz5XigcsukP As promised, here are my videos discussing what you should know or become aware of as you start the transition into, or finish the application process for physical therapy school. The four videos in the playlist so far...