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Nov 15, 2005
Can someone plz. tell me what are the admission requirements for DOW and KEMC for 1st year MBBS. And also confirm that for AKU 1250 needed for SATI and 700 in bio, chem and physics SAT II needed.
I am a canadian student finishing last year of high school so please also tell me how I can apply and when the deadlines are (AKU asks for SAT I by May 30 but does neone know the date for SATII? What about DOW and KEMC, when do they need admission applications?)

Also, can someone please guide me whether it is a good choice for me to choose one of these med skools instead of stayin in Canada to be a doc. I plan on workin in canada/usa/britian once i m qualified. How hard is it passing all the prequisites and finding work at these places for KEMC, AKU and DOW grads? How are the studies, will I be able to hand them as a Canadian student? In Canada getting MD qualified takes 4 yrs undergrad + 3yrs med compared to Pakistan 5 yrs MBBS total or does it become longer than this??like after taking the MLE's?

Thx in advance.
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