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Palm Beach Atlantic U.

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Oct 12, 2004
    mrbob581 said:
    Hi All,

    I am a P1 student at PBA and i love it! The new building is great, and the first year kinks have been ironed out for the most part. The Downtown area where the school is located is great, with food, shoping (no $$ :mad: ) coffee and things to do, (ie movies, night clubs, bars)

    A couple of recondmondations, Do not live on campus. period. The school's undergrad program is a little strict( have to be in dorm room by a certin time every night, check out when not comming back at night) I have avoided a lot of the BS by living off campus. The pharmacy school does have requirements that you may not be aware of. 24 - 45 min chapels per year (not to envolved, just chill in the back and listen. ) and 45 hours community service that can be done with any Non for profit org.

    The Staff is GREAT!!! Teachers are willing to spend hours of time with you if nessasary. The Dean and admin staff are great too! You will feel very welcome at this school, which is a big difference from the cold feeling i got from other schools.

    Skip the meal plan, you will never use your credits in a semester with all the other food choices around, and the caf. gets old after a while. (its very good though, 5.25 cash for all you can eat buffett. )

    The beach is very close, and the intercostal waterway is steps from the school. Palm beach, (ie donald trump wedding ) is out our front window! Makes for a great setting, but you wont have a whole lot of time to chill. Also great beaches up and down the cost, I go to Jupiter Beach, 20 min. away.

    Bring a car and be ready for traffic! I95 the main North South road is under constrution for 4 years, so the roads take a while to negotiate. Off campus living is avalable at a high cost in downtown, or just minutes away on village blvd. 800 - 1200 per month. Also be aware of the room mate policy even off campus. YOU CANT HAVE A ROOM MATE OF THE OPISITE SEX ON OR OFF CAMPUS... its one of the schools stupid policys, and you will be kicked out if non complyant. keep it on the down-low and use seperate mailing addresses if you are going to break this rule.

    By the way, there has not been a graduating class yet, ( first is this spring ) and every one i talk to out side of the school seems to agree that there should be no prob. with the accredation.

    expect total costs per year to reach $40 k , this includes sharing a room with someone, tuition, books, some spending cash, and auto exp. ( BTW ditch your auto loans and other debt before starting, a few people expected to be able to hold down a full time job..... YOU CANT ! A local pharmacy one day a week is about best, a few extra bucks and a chance to apply some knowledge.. WE HAVE LOTS OF WALGREENS, Some CVS, publex, albertsons, and other local stores. IF you are a WAG employee now, DO NOT QUIT, transfer to a store down here!

    Anyway i hope this was useful, and i hope you join us! oh ya, all of the students are cool to! we come in all shapes and sizes, and dont worry to much about the religious thing. It was my biggest thing i was worried about, but its just there, not forced. If you are Cristian its great, if not thats ok too. You are not judged by your peers or the staff, so you just kind of get use to it being there.

    Hope to see you here!


    P.S. Bring your hurracane gear, as we had two last year. As a first timer for huracanes i must admit there not as scarry as they seem on the weather channel. I was standing out side of my house in the storms, (ya we got a direct hit both times, the odds are crazy. ) The best way i can describe it is that it has a erry peace to it, the wind never stops, just picks up speed in a repeditive cycle. We lost power for 2 - 3 days were i was, the school was out for the week both times. best thing to do is to chill why the storm is here with friends or family. They make for great parties. After, do a road trip and get out of the area by a few hundred miles, ( ie go the other side of the state, the keys, or what ever) becuse being with out power sucks. Recondmondation >> stay for the party, then go on vacation becuse school will be out for at least 3 days to a week!

    Thanks for the post! It's nice to hear from somebody who has actually been there for almost a year now! I was accepted in November, and though I am still interviewing at a few other schools, it is one of my top choices! Perhaps I'll see you next year!!!

    Another thing...I was wondering about vacation. Do you get any vacation time, and if so, how much? I hear you rarely get more than a month for Summer and maybe a week for Christmas. X_X

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