Panicking about the QR extra questions on DAT Booster

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Mar 13, 2019
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I could do the easy and medium questions pretty well. It's when I get to the hard questions, I get about 90% of them wrong. Every time I answer questions, it would show how many people answered them right, and it seems like many people could get the hard QR questions right. I feel like this is just a personal problem, because I'm not the best at math.

Did anyone go through what I'm going through? Does anyone have any advice for me? These hard QR questions are destroying me. I plan on studying them by just marking them and returning to them later, but I'm nervous if the DAT questions are going to be 50% of these hard questions.

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I've taken the DAT once and plan on taking it a second in July. I have noticed that all practice exams will be harder than the exam itself. They push these difficult questions onto you so you won't be shocked to see the variety of questions on the exam itself. I got a 22 on my QR, and I strickly used DAT Bootcamp videos and question banks. Just make sure you have a strong fundamental understanding of the basics, and you'll be fine. This is not to say that you shouldn't keep attempting to master these harder questions, but don't let it deter your confidence. If you do not understand a concept, don't keep battling it, take a step back and watch some youtube videos and make sure your fundamental knowledge of that concept is sufficient before you burn yourself out. Good luck
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I also got most of the hard extra QR questions wrong but still got a 30 on the DAT QR. Don't worry
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Any tips for QR prep?
The DAT likes to ask the same types of questions, which are the ones that come up often on Booster. I did a lot of practice and really made sure I knew how to approach the types of questions they like to ask.
Yeah for QR it's about learning how to approach the problems and being able to get faster doing it. Speed is more of an issue than difficulty, imo.

The difficult questions are really meant to slow people down. Focus on the questions you know first and take 15-20 secs to complete. Then move on to the questions you know, but require extra time. End on questions that are difficult, and you may need to guess for. Marking this section was efficient for me.
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I agree with, NavyBlueSuit, the questions themselves are not all the difficult you just have to move quickly. It is VERY important to have that solid foundation. You have 45 minutes to complete 40 problems, so you don't have time to think about how to set up a problem, you need to see the problem and act. If you see a problem early on that you know is going to burn off too much time to solve, skip it, You don't want to waste time on a 1 problem because I assure you easier problems are up ahead. Go for the problems you know you can answer quickly and get correct and then go back to the more difficult ones. But if you study properly there should not be any problems that you can not handle.

The numbers are easy to calculate in the QR section and most students I have worked with don't use the calculator because they thought it slowed them down, but each student is different.
You don't need a 30 in the QR although that should be the objective, but a 14 in this section would spell disaster and a retake.