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Parkland-UT Southwestern Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Overview

Parkland hasn’t had a full program update for some time now, so I’d like to distribute this information on behalf of our program. Most of this information will focus on the Parkland service; however, CMC/VA/JPS has and will continue to be an integral part of our surgical training.

I will start with the objective information that is frequently not included in these posts but often given during interviews. They can serve as a reference to the volume and scope of our program.

The Numbers:
Here are highlights of OR cases/experiences had from 2016-2017 for chief residents only. In addition to the numbers and scope, consider the amount that our upper levels actually do in the OR—the only way to know this for certain is to spend time at our program as an extern. 5th and 6th year residents frequently perform 100% of a case and are given autonomy to manage the OMFS service. This is not a program where the attending is always cutting half of a case, even on the “private” service. The attending is present for guidance, support, and help as needed but it is expected that as the chief, you can independently operate.

CODA Procedure Categories:
Trauma--730 (28%)
Pathology--683 (27%)
Orthognathic--439 (17%)
Reconstruction/Cosmetics--722 (28%)
Clinic Visits >20,000/year (Extractions, tori removal, post/pre-op evaluations, TMD, botox, post-trauma fillers, fat transfers, OAF closures, etc)

Detailed breakdown:
Mid-Upper Face--214
Nerve Repair--31
Cleft lip/palate--33
Cranial Vault/Transcranial--10
Infection--Way too many…

OR Procedures per Chief-- 643.5 (note-current accreditation standard is 175/chief)
1.7 OR Procedures/day/chief
12.3 OR Procedures/week/chief

OR days:
Parkland: 3.5
VA: 1
JPS: 5
CMC: 2.5

*each location has one chief and one 5th year, interns are assigned to either Parkland service or the private (UTSW/CMC) service*

Sedations are done at the Parkland outpatient clinic, JPS, VA, and at the UTSW private clinic on a daily basis.

Children’s, Parkland, and JPS are all Level One trauma hospitals.

6-year program with 5 resident per year. Attend UT Southwestern Medical School0 #1 ranked medical school in Texas and top 20 nationally.

Year 1:
July 1 to December 31 – four months of OMS, 1 month ENT, 1 month of Anesthesia
Janurary to July – First year of medical school, 1 month OMS, 1 month vacation (systems: MSK, GI, Neuro, Endocrine, etc.)

Our intern year time on service is spent managing the outpatient clinic, assisting in the operating room, rounding on and management of in-patients, etc.

Year 2:
July to December – Second year of medical school (continue systems)
January to June – Third year of medical school, 1 month OMS (USMLE step 1 taken ~Feburary, 6 weeks time off to study/vacation)

Year 3:
July to December – Third year of medical school (rotations in surgery, medicine, etc with USMLE licensing exams completed by November/December)
January to June – Electives, 1 month anesthesia, 2 months OMS.

Year 4:
PGY 1 year of general surgery (includes 2 months OMS, 4 months anesthesia (2 adult, 2 pediatric)

Year 5:
Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery (rotations through CMC, UTSW/Private, JPS, Parkland, VA)

Year 6:
Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery (rotations through CMC, UTSW/Private, JPS, Parkland, VA)

Total 34 OMS months on service

OMS Full-Time Faculty:

Program director: Dr Thomas Schlieve, DDS, MD (Maxillofacial oncology and reconstructive surgery fellowship)

Dr Schlieve is our newly appointed program director and an amazing attending. He is the type to operate on anything and everything with concern for proper technique and unparalleled didactic training. Dr Schlieve has implemented impressive changes since his appointment to PD including a revamping of the weekly didactic curriculum and pursuing strengthening our program by volume, referral base, and quality opportunities for the residents.

Program Chair: Dr John Zuniga DMD, PhD (Specializing in TMJ, microneuro surgery)
Dr Michael Zide DMD (General OMS, soft tissue/MORS recon, implants)
Dr Joshua A Stone (Pediatric craniofacial fellowship)
Dr Richard Finn DDS (VA attending, implants, facial cosmetics)
Dr Aya Hamao-Sakamoto DDS, PhD (main OMS clinical faculty, does sedations)
Dr. Douglas Sinn, DDS, FACS (Former Chair, Craniofacial, TMJ)
Dr John Stella DDS, FACS (JPS Department Chair- Orthognathic and implants)
Dr Michael Warner DDS, PhD (JPS- General OMS, TMJ, Cosmetics)
Dr Herman Kao DDS, MD (JPS- Trauma, general OMS)
Dr Fayette Williams (JPS- Head and neck oncology/microvascular)
Dr Richard Patterson DDS (JPS- General OMS, Anesthesia)

Other faculty include general dentists, our maxillofacial prosthetist and guru Kenny Gambrell, as well as an orthodontist.

Weekly Wednesday night lecture series—Guest speakers are frequently invited: Dr. Ed Ellis, Dr. Michael Miloro, Dr. Larry Wolford, Dr. Jorge Gonzalez, Dr. Donald Romsa, Dr. Bruce Epker, Dr. GE Ghali, Dr. Myron Tucker, Dr. Douglas Sinn, Dr. Larry Cunningham, Dr. David R Kang and many more participated this past year; The topics covered encompass the entire scope of OMS including oral pathology, reconstructive surgery, trauma, head and neck cancer, TMJ surgery, etc.

In addition, Monday morning case conference and Friday morning OMFS Seminar are proctored by Dr. Schlieve and other faculty to discuss operating room cases and cover the entire scope of OMFS in an organized lecture format.

Board preparation includes annual OMSITE exams and mock boards provided by faculty for chief residents. Residents frequently attend national OMS conferences, many holding positions in ROAAOMS.

Program Culture:
Perhaps the best part of our residency is the family atmosphere amongst faculty and residents. Residents spend a lot of time together and genuinely enjoy our program through and through. We take great pride in our service and are generally well respected amongst other specialties at UTSW/JPS/VA/Parkland. Interns and residents can expect to be given autonomy but never left out to dry. These intangibles are what truly provides an amazing resident experience.

As you can see from the numbers provided, we are a full scope OMS program with faculty coverage for everything under the sun. We get most of our implant experience at the VA and JPS with chief residents in the past two years graduating with between 115-200+ implants, with room for expansion. We also have a resident implant program in our private clinic that continues to expand every year.

Upper-level residents participate in Wednesday Craniofacial clinics, a multi-specialty clinic at CMC Dallas where PRS, OMS, speech, nutrition, etc treatment plan craniofacial cases.

Call is taken by the interns on a q3-4 basis and covers all dental call (infections, etc) as well as trauma/face call q3 weeks (rotating with PRS and ENT). Call is to be taken in the hospital for 1st call providers and ranges from light (3-5 calls a day) to very busy (especially on trauma call). We cover Childrens, UTSW (Clements) and Parkland. Most calls come from Parkland or Childrens with no driving necessary; however the occasional call (~3 per week) comes from UTSW that is a 3 minute drive or 5 minute shuttle ride away.

All residents are expected to participate in at least one project during their tenure at the program with at least one national conference presentation. Our program facilitates those who have interest in research with many opportunities to get involved. Drs Finn, Zuniga, and Schlieve are consistently publishing in JOMS and other journals.

Dallas is an amazing city offering affordable housing and very open job market for significant others. Residents typically buy houses in the growing Dallas market but can rent for ~1300 for 1 bedroom, upscale and new apartment.

Our Parkland alumni are leaders in our field. Parkland is proud of our rich history and we continue to pursue opportunities to remain one of the premier training programs for OMFS. Our notable alumni include Department chairs, program directors, numerous program faculty, presidents of AAOMS and the, American Board of OMFS, and internationally respected and recognized surgeons across a broad scope. Some of our alumni are listed below:

Dr. RV Walker, Dr. Scott Boyd, Dr. Larry Cunningham, Dr. Ray Fonseca, Dr. Ghali Ghali, Dr. Alan Herford, Dr. Felice O’Ryan, Dr. Likith Reddy, Dr. Douglas Sinn, Dr. Trevor Treasure, Dr. Tim Turvey, Dr. Steve Schendel, Dr. John Stella, Dr. Roger West, Dr. Larry Wolford, Dr. Mike Zide, Dr. Rick Finn, Dr. Robert Alexander, Dr. James Bertz, Dr. Jim Burk Jr., Dr. Jeffrey Dean, Dr. Karel Deleeuw, Dr. Phillip Freeman, Dr. Nestor Karas, Dr. Mark Kohn, Dr. David C. Hoffman, Dr. John La Banc, Dr. Chris Crecelius, Dr. Kevin McBride, Dr. Mike Melugin, Dr. Brett Miles, Dr. Waldemar Polido, Dr. Jeff Moses, Dr. Noel Stoker, Dr. Cesar Guerrero, Dr. James Wilson, Dr. Steven Holmes, Dr. Joe Cillo, Dr. Dan Petrisor, Dr. Fayette Williams, Dr. David R Kang, Dr. Herman Kao, Dr. Brett Shirely, Dr. Neeraj Panchal, Dr. Ryan Mirchel, Dr. Alaaaldin Radwan, Dr. Andrew Read-Fuller.

Our externs will work along side residents in our Parkland outpatient clinic, in the operating room, and participate in taking tooth and trauma call. Externs can spend time at JPS hospital and Children’s Hospital but unfortunately are not yet allowed to rotate at the VA or on the UT Southwestern Faculty service. We invite all 3rd and 4th year dental students to come and spend time at our program to see and judge for themselves how Parkland may be an opportunity to train with the best.

More information on applying to externship can be found at: Internship & Externship: Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery - UT Southwestern, Dallas, Texas

Thank you for taking the time to read this and feel free to contact me directly for any questions or concerns regarding this update.

Omar Kholaki
Parkland 2022
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This sounds like an ad for ClearChoice. For those applicants applying this cycle, this is a preview of how every program in the country will be presented - the perfect "bad @$$" program lol Just giving my Parkland bros a hard time ;-) Nice summary.


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This sounds like an ad for ClearChoice. For those applicants applying this cycle, this is a preview of how every program in the country will be presented - the perfect "bad @$$" program lol Just giving my Parkland bros a hard time ;-) Nice summary.

Definitely true-- all programs will talk about their broad scope and great training. It's hard as an applicant to know what each has to offer. There are pros and cons to every program, as I'm sure you know. I wrote this with the intention of updating our curriculum, new faculty, and my best attempt at providing information I wish I had when I was applying.
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#1 Texas medical school, oh wow.

I thought you guys were the 6 year DO program.......hmmmm
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