Partnership Opportunity

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Oct 5, 2022
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Hi! Are you looking for a partnership opportunity? I am seeking a partnership to start a private practice with a psychiatrist.

I am a physician assistant with a few years of outpatient adolescent and adult psychiatry experience and I have a Certification of Added Qualifications (CAQ) in Psychiatry. I enjoy psychiatry and find it to be rewarding.

I have much respect for physicians and I believe in maintaining a collaborative relationship between physicians and midlevel providers. I am interested in developing my clinical and business skills, and I am willing to do as much work as necessary to start and run a profitable practice. This could be a relatively passive investment if you wish. If you would prefer to be more involved, that is welcome too. My long term goal would be to scale the practice, including hiring other providers, expanding office locations and consider other modalities such as TMS.

I believe in practicing evidence based psychiatry and keeping the practice clean (i.e. tapering benzos and limiting stimulants). It is important to me to create lasting relationships with employees and partners. I am currently licensed in California, but I am open to relocating and gaining additional licenses.

Please let me know you thoughts. Your feedback is much appreciated!

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