Passed NAPLEX! July 27, 2017

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Jul 25, 2017
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Hey all, just wanted to share that my close friend and I both got our passing scores today (Monday around 3pm central time). We both took the test Thursday morning which is just like everybody said 2-3 business days and one long ass weekend.

TL:DR version (my opinion): If you have a DECENT foundation in most of your therapeutics subjects, all you need to study is Rx Prep chapters up to therapeutics (around page 300 on 2016 version). All I used to study was High-Yield online lectures (90+% of my studying and I regret it) and the Rx Prep chapters that did not deal with therapeutics.

I wanted to share my experiences as I have never been a fantastic student and there isn't too much info floating around about the 2017 test. I got an 83 and my friend got a 90. Our GPAs were not more than .1 away from 3.0. We both studyed the same things for virtually the same amount of time.

Our school pushed High-Yield Med Reviews enough to offer us a discount. The lecturer, Dr. Busti M.D., Pharm.D., is extremely knowledgeable and is a pleasant, down to earth teacher with lots of real world experience and pearls to pass on. It is a fantastic set-up (I purchased the online only version) but I do NOT recommend this for the purposes of NAPLEX. I downed between 1-2.5 hours of lectures a day since the end of April and took the test July 27th.

I started with Rx Prep about a week and a half before the test and knew immediately that this is world more efficient for the purposes of NAPLEX. I read to around page 300 only ONCE and felt it impacted my test more than the months of lectures. I'll summarize the rest of what I'm trying to say by saying this: I feel I would have gotten the same score or better if I just read the first 300 pages 2 or 3 times.

Some afterthoughts:
  • The test was weird. everyone i know felt the same way I did walking out - i have no idea how i did but there was a whole lot of guessing and i kinda felt positive throughout
  • I had like 10 questions on mEq calculations and even though I practiced plenty I blundered and couldnt remember how to do anything. I'm pretty sure I missed most if not all questions that said mEq and mmol. The rest of the majority of the test that was made up by calculations were cross multiply or dimensional analysis.
  • i dont think the test accurately tested my knowledge. it felt mainly like "hey do you remember those calculations and weird things from your first year in school" or "hey did you get enough exposure to know this pearl that probably everyone knows"
  • If questions pertaining to certain side effects or interactions were asked, they were common knowledge pearls and nowhere near as specific you are fearing they would be. i don't remember seeing any genetic testing (or even questions like plavix 2c19 ect)
  • If you take tests fast its SUCKS. I got my first break at question 160 and didnt take my second break. I don't rush but I have always finished a little quicker.

If you have any questions please don't hesitate and i'll try my best to answer. If you are anxious enough to be here reading about the NAPLEX like I was, stop worrying so much and focus on the first parts of Rx Prep. I firmly believe that anybody who made it through four years will pass if they practice the math portion and read the non-therapeutics section of rxprep.

Take a breath and stop stressing about the big bad NAPLEX monster, you'll be fine!
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