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Passed nj mpje and some advice!!


New Member
Jan 29, 2013
  1. Pharmacist
I passed NJ MPJE on the first try. (Sorry for long post!)
EXAM is approximately 90% NJ STATE LAW.

I have been out of pharmacy school for 10 years, and I have been licensed in PA for 10 years.

Exam Date: 1/26/13 (Sat, 3pm)
Results on NABP website: 1/29/13 (Tuesday, 12pm)
Time to study: about 3 weeks of reading and practice exams ( I did not study nonstop, a few hours a day on the weekends, on the 2 days prior to the exam, I did buckle down and focus. I know I used a lot of material to study, but I was unfamiliar with NJ LAW and I have been out of pharmacy school for almost 10 years.)

I would suggest go to the NJ board website and read and answer the FAQ's listed to get an idea of NJ law and scenarios: http://www.njconsumeraffairs.gov/faq/pharmfaq.htm

Exam materials:

***Pharmacy Law Book Revised 2011 by Professor Cifaldi, R.Ph., J.D. (188+ pages, purchased book from Rutgers Book Store at the B&N end of 2012. No, I did not study or read the whole book. The book compiles the laws from State Board. So if you can not find or order the book or packet, print out PDF documents from the state board website. I listed the information in this post.)***
***MPJE MADE EASY CD, http://mpjemadeeasy.com/
90 Practice Questions with explanations, great help
***Pharmacy Exam Presents New Jersey Pharmacy Law www.pharmacyexam.com
150 Practice Questions with explanations, great help
Prontopass NJ State Law Review (7 pages) and NJ MPJE review flashcards (35 cards)
I do not recommend for NJ MPJE.
PreMPJE 4 pack exam, http://www.prempje.com/
helpful, more questions to practice and I learned some scenarios/topics that were not covered in any of the other materials
***NJ STATE BOARD OF PHARMACY WEBSITE http://www.njconsumeraffairs.gov/pharm/phar_rules.htm (FREE)
great help, the documents are in PDF format. I suggest you type in search words/numbers to review documents.
Review the NJ State Board of Pharmacy PDF documents on their website for updated rules, policies regulations:
Pharmacy Laws, Pharmacy Regulations, Uniform Enforcement Act, Licensee Duty to Cooperate, C.D.S. Regulations

EXAM covered a wide range of topics: LTC facility rules(ex: first aid kits), Hospital Rules, Plan B (age, sex), Pseudoephedrine, Controlled Drug substances(classes, regulations on prescriptions), DATA 2000, Central Processing, License/Permit renewal time frames (pharmacist, tech, pharmacy), Job regulations/limitations ( Pharmacy Director vs Pharmacist-in-Charge vs Intern vs Extern vs Technician vs Clerk), Immunization policies, etc

Memorize the laws and regulations and practice scenario based situations in the retail, hospital and LTC facility.
The exam also has questions that are not multiple choice. It is check all that apply.

When taking the exam, please do not get discouraged. I thought I failed the exam and I passed. (I really thought I failed!)
Read the questions thoroughly.
There are 90 questions, 15 questions are pretest questions.
MANY of the questions came from out of the blue, so answer by APPLYING the law.
Just breathe, pray and focus, you will be fine!!!
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About the Ads


New Member
Jul 15, 2016
  1. Pharmacist
I created this account specifically to warn readers about PreMPJE.com

I just purchased a 4 pack of NJ law exams from PreMPJE.com and was wildly disappointed with the content. Almost all of the questions had severe grammatical or spelling errors. More importantly, many of the questions had “correct” answers that were the exact opposite of current New Jersey law. Many questions did not utilize basic logic and others had not been updated in years following changes to state regulations.

I have not been able to get a response from the site regarding a refund, but have since passed the NJ MPJE with a respectable score. I stopped using the site’s questions half way through my first exam. I am certain that if I had actually used the questions I purchased my score would have been significantly lower. Please do yourself a favor and try any other service or just make some detailed note cards while you study (significantly cheaper).

+1 for MPJE Made Easy - very up to date with detailed explanations as of 7/2016

Good luck preparing for you MPJE to anyone who reads this!
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