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Feb 22, 2007
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Passed with 207/85. This test was brutally hard and long as hell. My score dropped a lot from step 1 and 2, but considering the difficulty and length of this test I was glad to be able to pass comfortably. My usmle world score after doing slightly over 1,000 questions was 57%. I took mine 2 months before the end of my internship and found that I had to study less for this test. In fact the only resource I used to study was just the USMLE World question bank, no review books at all. Do not take this test lightly, in my opinion it was the most difficult as well as both mentally and physically tasking of all the USMLE steps.
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Jun 8, 2006
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It's so crazy how people have such different experiences. I just took the exam yesterday (and the day before) and although it was LONG, I thought it was MUCH MUCH easier than the other steps. I actually thought the test was pretty easy in general. I'm wondering if I got lucky with simpler questions or if I was just SOOOOOO far off that I only think it was easy!!!???


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Mar 21, 2001
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I just got my results: 212/87. Did better than I thought because I came out of the test with a feeling of doom. Lots of strange questions, and the majority of my CCS cases took up the full time allowed, making me think I had screwed them up bad. Anyway, I am relieved because I can now get on with my life, get my license, and forget about all the trauma of the steps. My USMLE world score was 54-55%. Goodluck to y'all.