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    Is there a web site for every school's board score and/or passing rate?

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    In a word, No. As the scores are relatively standardized and all schools have reasonable pass rates, a schools' individual pass rate and overall average scores might not provide that much info. The NBOME prepares a comparison sheet for every school which states the schools mean scores on each section of the exam (OMM, Anatomy, Physiology, etc.). I'm not certain if it is possible to acquire/request these comparison sheets from the NBOME or schools, but they would probably give you more info on where a particular school stands in comparison to others by subject performance.
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    This link will provide you with the page that will give you all types of admissions information.

    TUCOM Statistics

    These two links will provide direct access to our COMLEX pass rate as well as GPA & MCAT averages. Based on the applicants this year, we anticipate all our averages increasing this year. We will continually update our website with all the latest information. Our website also provides information about which school our students come from. All this information can also be accessed via

    TUCOM GPA & MCAT Scores

    TUCOM COMLEX Pass Rate

    I'm not sure what our pass rate is on the USMLE but everyone I know who took it, passed. Not only did they pass, they did very well on the exam. The reason that it is difficult to round up the USMLE scores it that it is computerized and everyone takes it at different times. The COMLEX is taken at the same time by all students. Also, not all students take the USMLE and as DOs, we aren't supposed to be taking the USMLE. [​IMG]

    Average GPA: 3.5
    Average MCAT: 27
    COMLEX Pass Rate: 93%

    The seniors are taking the COMLEX II on March 6-7. Expect those score to be posted in about 2 months. Hopefully, the students will be able to convince the school to post NRMP (MD) and NMS (DO) match results. Keep in mind that not many people went through the NMS match at our school, and it's not considered appropriate for a DO school to encourage entrance into the NRMP match.

    I'm not sure about averages at other schools. The best thing would be to have a student from every school post links to their own information.

    Please let me know if you have any other questions. [​IMG]

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